The Land Yacht Edition


Jim & Martha Lyle
Join the Special Blend Too Crew as they set their sails towards Alaska.
America may never be the same!!! 
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2014 Life on Land

Day 4

April 17, 2014

Crossing the Mississippi in Baton Rouge.

Headed to Galvaston ,Texas! Everything is going well! I have not had time to take out big cameras. iPhone and ipad photos so far:-))

much love to all M

Galveston, TX

Dallanera RV Park

We are right on the beach at Dallanera RV Park. We can look out the window at the surf and hear the roar.  Last night was cold and very windy. This am was better.

Brad we did see a surfer last night, didn't look like much fun!

Miss ya'll, love U much M


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