Barnacle Chronicle #4

July 18, 2009

Barnacle Chronicle #4

Dad you have customers!

We arrived in Havana Bay yesterday afternoon. We are between two islands. The side we are anchored off of the farming island and the other island is to live on. Before we even dropped anchor Dad had a customer. It was a smiling guy in a little dug out canoe with a pontoon held together by twigs and string. The canoe could not have been 12 inches wide. His butt just fit inside. After we turned the engine off he was right at the back of the boat. Brad went and talked to him first, but he wanted to talk to the Caption. So Caption Jim went to make his appearance. Mr. Smiley was headed to his farm and wanted to know what we might need. We ordered coconuts, bananas, and papayas. So while he was gone Customer #2 came by and wanted see what we might need. He had tomatoes ready and he and Captian Jim made a trade for gas for his little boat. Well around 4:30 the farmers were headed home. They all passed by the 3 sail boats and came right for the Special Blend. We got the things we ordered and everyone was happy. But the little canoes kept coming. They were all smiling and wanted to talk to Caption Jim about his “Ship”.


The Keeper is finally on the Special Blend so now you can officially call me a Barnacle Scraper.