September 6, 2009 – September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

It sure is an eye opener to have an early morning wakeup call that a tsunami is

heading your way. Got our attention, thank goodness it all ended well. This

place is beautiful an atoll, several islands linked by bridges, and MILES of

white sand beach. Reminds us of the Tumotos a bit. We have tried for 2 days to

rent a car at the hotel down the way, but for some reason they just cannot seem

to get it together. The rally did an island “bus” tour yesterday, you know we

aren’t tour people, but we would like to see the islands and maybe today we’ll

hop on the bus. So far has not been any place to snorkel, right here it just

white sand bottom no coral patches at all. Maybe tomorrow we’ll move on to other

anchorages, if the weather allows.

September 29, 2009

**4:40 pm E.S.T.

We have gotten word of the earthquake in Samoa and the threat to New Cal with

the big wave, the ICA fleet has headed to deap water to wait it out. Will let

you know later that all is well.

20*42′.858S/166*24′.909E it’s 7:37am our time, surge expected around 9:00am.


**7:00 PM E.S.T

we are back in the anchorage in Mouly Bay, the island of Ouvea, New Caledonia.

The Australian whatever it is has issued an all clear for our area. 30 boats

scattered like sprayed roaches this morning, one boat crew was on shore and took

a while to locate them, but someone did. Our plans are to stay here/ this area

for a few days then head to Noumea and look for a weather window to Australia,

hopefully headed to Hawaii sometime around the 4th/5th of Nov.

More later.

much love to all,


September 27, 2009

We are arriving in the Loyality Island pass in about 30 min.

20*25′.577S/166*27′.619E more later


September 26, 2009

traveling to new cal, 1/2 way, good trip seas ok, but are getting even better.


September 23, 2009

we’re having “Priscilla” and “Asylum” for chicken and dumplings. num-m! The ICA

Rally stuff is time comsuming, tomorrow night is another get together, last

night we passed on the steak dinner and had tacos and ribs with Tom and Suzie at

Waterfront Cafe. Jim spent today gathering electric light stuff for Chief Allen

in Penecost, “Aslyum” will hand carry it for us.

September 22, 2009

Holly is home in Florida after her 5 months of Special Blend Adventures.

Martha and Jim have joined a rally of boats and will be heading to the Loyality Islands of New Calidonia in a few days. Special Blend is still in Port Villa. Other than having the “empty nest” syndrome, they are doing great!

September 18, 2009

Special Blend hosted a snorkel trip to Hideaway Bay this morning. Priscilla, Asylum, Free Spirit and Scholarship were on board. The day wasn’t as great as hoped. A little windy and overcast, tide was very low and water not as clear as we have seen it. BUT the food was great and every one enjoyed the time visiting and catching up.

Holly is all packed we will spend her last day plundering thru Villa, maybe just eating all day in one cafe’ then the next

September 15, 2009

Jim just HAD TO HAVE EGGS!! We did beat our selves up to get here, and so far

24hrs later no eggs. The ranch caretaker is off at Dixon Reef killing a cow or

something like that. I think our plan is tomorrow early to go to Dixon Reef try

to see the outside reef then take off to Villa tomorrow afternoon late and do

overnight. THEN we can buy eggs, and fresh veggies. He who brags “I can cross

an ocean with 2 cans of spam and some cans of 3 bean salad” Is getting VERY

testy about the food. Nothing is to his liking lately.

Can’t believe Holly’s time is almost up here on the boat, sure gonna miss her.

September 11, 2009

Still Here

We haven’t left yet, we’ll see tomorrow. This anchorage is very unique, we had to

wind our way thru a group of island, reefs, mangroves to an area that is closed

on 3 sides with mountains, mangroves, small low islands, the 4th side is open to

the ocean. No beach, there is a reef that has big breakers, then a shallow

reef, maybe a quarter mile or more, then gets deep enough to anchor, 30 ft.

There is hard coral, soft coral and the most fish we have ever seen, some we

haven’t seen before. Most of this is 8 to 10 feet of water or less. We spent 2

hours just paddling around enjoying the beauty, so far haven’t seen any sharks.

September 10, 2009

Still in Maskelyne Island, Sakau anchorage. Had another great walk on the beach,

got you some magic rocks, then snorkeled. Again, we saw fish we hadn’t seen before.

Such fun. Tonight we had dinner on “Free Spirit” Michele is Holly’s age from

Hollywood,Fl. She and her husband Paul have 2 small children and have been

sailing for 4 1/2 years. Jim cooked fajitas and Michele made the tortillas. I

made Martha-retas, and Holly did her black bean and corn salsa— NUM!!! We also

provided ice. We are staying here thru tomorrow I think, Tom and Suzie are

heading on to Vila, we don’t want to sit 8 days there. We may go to Southwest

Bay or somewhere else for a few days then head that way. If the weather holds

for us to do that, we don’t want to be stuck out somewhere when it’s time for

Holly to leave on the 19th. She could always jump from Malakula to Vila if she

has to. She could stay with Tom and Suzie or the Iririki resort.

September 9, 2009

We just went for a walk on the beach and a snorkel. We are in this little

bay/anchorage, there is a reef between us and the open ocean, mangroves on each

side, nice white sand beaches. This area of Malakula has “magic rocks” it is

white quartz (white crystalline rock found in the sea) when you strike them

together at night they create a blue flash and cause storms, the story by the

locals is in the old days the sorcerers would bring on bad storms to punish

someone or sink canoes and drown enemies. I think we’ll keep ours all separated…

we’ll try it later.

September 7, 2009


We are in Malakula, tucked away in Awai in the Maskelyne Islands. This is a group of islands that would remind you of the Keys with moutains. When we came in, we were bombarded with the locals. They thought we were the fishing boat they had been looking for, very dissapointed we didn’t have fish. It was too rough for

the most part to fish. As we passed Ambrym we did catch one little wahoo, but didn’t want to clean it and it was too far to let it sit on the deck. For the next couple of days, it’s supposed to blow and be nasty so we’ll just sit here. Don’t need to be in Vila til the 19th when Holly leaves. There are 7 boats in this small anchorage 6 are American’s. One is from Hollywood Fl with two small

children. Hope to get some snorkeling in tomorrow…it’s supposed to be good here. We did not stop at the place that said not for the faint hearted, Holly and I decided that was us.

September 6, 2009

We had such a nice visit with chief Allen, wife, sons and granddaughters.

Breakfast was different than what we are used to but very good, as was their

meal last year. We plan to send them some supplies for electric from Port Vila,

they have a son and daughter there. 8 children in all. We gave the girls those

necklace/ ring sets ( I think Christy brought them) you would have thought we

gave them gold, they had so much fun. The grandaughters are 14 & 11 or 12. One

of the small boys cannot hear well, wish we could help there, but just don’t

know how. When we left they gave us beautiful hand woven baskets fill with

fruits and veggies. I told them about my garden club, one baskets is for “my


we are heading out about 3 or 4am. Had some water makers issues today, got that

fixed and it was too late to leave, so we’ll catch up with Priscilla tomorrow.

Not sure just where will depend on weather and what direction the wind is

blowing, rolly anchorages are not much fun.