Admiral’s View 2009

December 7 2009

Merry Christmas to all of you that have followed us this year and also to those of you just joining us.

We are missing Special Blend, but are enjoying our Family and friends here in Florida.



October 29, 2009

Admiral’s View # 4

I love this area. The Brisbane River is a bee hive of activity. Ferries run

up and down and across all day and night, plus we are in walking distance of

many places to eat. Today, we took the ferry across and up the river to the city.

“Priscilla” is anchored up that way. We met them at the dingy dock and walked through

the botanical gardens into the main city area. We enjoyed street food, took a walk through the

library, and then on to Queens Street which is a shopping area closed to car traffic.

Did I say I LOVE this area! We did all of this in the rain. I think we bring

rain with us everywhere we go. It was also fresh market day. I got some

wonderful mangos and grapes. We also went to the real grocery to get Tim Tams nummm!

We made our way back to the Special Blend in time to change clothes and go to dinner at

the local pub. Did I say I LOVE this place!

Well, tomorrow we move the boat to her temporary resting place for the next 6 months, then

do the dreaded pack up and head home. Back to the real world with real shoes and

clothes and dream about taking pictures of beautiful coral and fish, awesome

sunsets, the relaxed style of living and our special boating family. Forgetting

about bumpy passages, mosquitoes, hot muggy days with no showers and no fresh

eggs. Yeah for us…we’ll be right back doing it again in a few months.

I am ready to see all of you!


October 15, 2009

Admiral’s View #3

Admirals view on Jim’s Capt log

I do feel I have a special connection to Yasur volcano in Tanna, Vanuatu. I’m not sure if I have been blessed or cursed. Every time I look at the picture of the FACE, I get goose bumps. I did not see the face until I got back to the USA and printed out the pictures.

I have been up to the crater rim twice and both times felt the fury of our earth. I must say it is the most incredible thing I have ever done. I do hope we will visit it again before we leave this side of the world. I have a blessed life and so be it if the Gods of the volcano gave me an additional blessing. We now hope King Neptune will smile on our trip to Australia


August 25, 2009

Admiral’s View #2

Today was a first for the Admiral, we are anchored about a hundred yards or so off the rock island in the middle of the bay, the one that has just enough sand to hold a palm tree and some bushes. The water is so clear and the snorkeling is just great, I have one favorite little coral head with clown fish on it. Spent about an hour with them yesterday. This morning Holly, David and I were getting our gear ready to get in the dingy an putter over to it. Holly said,”it’s not that far why don’t we swim?” Well I remembered the black tip about 7 ft I had seen the last time we were here and the one I saw last week in a foot of water on Reef Island. Holly usually is the one NOT swimming in deep water with sharks, but we’re anchored in 35 ft of water and most times can see the bottom. Right off I said NOPE NOT ME!, but then, what the hey, when again in my lifetime will I be here again to do this. So very reluctantly I slid into the water off the back of Special Blend and boy did it look deep not as clear as I had hoped. I told Holly and David not to leave me, hoping maybe we would look bigger in a group. Amazing how fast I can swim. Did you know if you swim on your back and not look down it’s not as spooky! Well, I got there and spent my time with my clown fish friends, swam back to the boat, and now I’m patting my self on the back. Might do it again tomorrow, but it better be clear water.


August 20, 2009

Admiral’s View #1

Lucky me

Wife, Mother, MeeMaw

I am on the most wonderful adventure in the South Pacific with my husband of 42 years, Jim. This is our 3rd cruising season on “Special Blend”, a 43′ Nordhavn trawler.

For the most part,we have had blue skies and fair seas. Very few bumps along the 15,000 plus mile trek. This year, our three daughters Lesley, Christy and Holly have joined us. We have spent many hours sipping drinks with flowers in them, shopping the local markets, standing on the edge of Yasur Volcano,

walking black and white sand beaches looking for unusual shells, fishing, snorkeling and awing at the beauty of it all. To add to the wonderful mix our Grandsons Brad (17) and Dane (9) have also been crew this year. This is Brad’s third season with us. Sometimes my mind has a hard time wrapping around it all. I just feel so blessed and the fact our children and grandchildren want to share it with us just makes it all even better.