capt log #2 2010

What a trip.

What is white with a black belly, 45 ft long, 65,000#, and can jump out of the water??? If you said “Moby Dick” go to the back of the line, any one who said “Special Blend on the way to Noumea” is correct. Wow was that a ride. Noumea was not on our list, but the crew was is bad need of R&R. The Captain could get a sense of possible mutiny if steps weren’t taken to make the nearest dry land..

What is truly amazing is that the mind will actually block out these experiences and allow people to again step aboard and resume travel in two to three days with no apparent memory of what happened the last time they were aboard.

We had a great trip to the loyalty Isl;ands (part of New Caledonia) , fantastic snorkeling and a great little harbor. In the morning we resume our travels to visit “Little Jim” in Port Resolution, on the Island of Tanna, Vanuatu.

Will Martha survive another visit with the Gods of the Volcano??

Can we convince the cargo cult that Rick dresses up in military gear and jumps out of planes and could possibly be the “return” of John.

Has Little Jim been receiving proper care and nutrition?

All this in #3,