Monday June 21

I could hardly wait to get back to the beautiful clear water and all the little fish in the Maskelyne Islands. Such a neat little place tucked between the islands with open water to the south. There is a shallow reef between where we are anchored and the breaking surf. Last year we spent 6 days here, Holly and I snorkeled everyday for hours, sometime twice. We arrived yesterday early morning, took a nap and then went for a swim. It was soooo murky could hardly see 10 feet ahead of you. Still plenty of fish but the colors were dull. Did get a few good pictures, maybe some keepers. Last night we had a giant thunderstorm, this morning rain, finally at noon cleared enough to swim again. This time more murky than yesterrday. I was 4to5 ft from the boat and could not see it underwater. Just for the heck of it I took a few shots, they of course were throw aways.

Next couple of days don’t look so good either…..maybe we’ll have an hour of so of nice snorkeling…..anyway I have my fingers crossed.