Aug 4

Another busy day, Jim and guys went to shore and burned trash. No village here to take it forr us. We then went for a great dingy ride and snorkel. Went across another bay and pass to the village that killed the cow yesterday. Only one family lives there, they told us the supply ship comes 1 maybe 2 times in a year. I mean this place is remote. It’s 60 miles to Sola and 283 miles to the next Island of any size North.

I played beauty shop, cut Betty’s (LIZZIE) hair for her, loaded the dingy, fixed dinner and now it bed time -9:30p. Have to be up early, we are heading to the Solomons tomorrow. Should take us 2 days. 48 to 52 hours I think is what everyone figgured. ASYLUM and LIZZIE will be traveling with us.