Friday the 13th

PaPa Roberts was born on Fri 13th of August in 1885 and i think today he was looking after me this morning.

We are anchored in the most beautiful lagoon, bow anchored and stern tied to a mangrove root. About 2:30am something woke me up, I sat straight up in bed and yelled “what was that” Jim got up and came upstairs, the wind was hallowing and it was pouring rain so he started the engine, just in case we pulled loose. A few seconds later he yelled that Asylum had pulled loose and was almost on top of us. Maybe 75ft away. We radioed Jim and Katie, woke them and they got to their helm before we hit.

What woke me up was a plastic Special Blend cup that I use to shave my legs, you know using very little water I rinse the razor off in it. That cup has been sitting on that ledge in the shower since May and has not moved, the clank in the bottom of the shower sure got my attention and saved us from a nasty bump. Thanks PaPa!

We went on to have a wonderful day, a great snorkel, Pamela took us up the hill to an overlook where she is going to build a house, awesome sunset, dinner again at the resort and a song and dance show from one of the local villages. We are sad to be leaving here tomorrow and heading to Honiara to check in, but must move on.