09*25′.672S/159*57′.394E, we arrived around 1pm, checked out just how we were supposed to anchor and tie up to the rocks. Rod “Lizzie” put his dink in to help us tie, them Jim went with him. I can say for sure this is NOT the best place we have ever been. We will stay on the boat until tomorrow (Monday) then we can go to the officials and get checked in.

Last night turned out not to be the best idea. Lizzie had some visitors again, now they are minus not only deck chairs but life ring, boat cushions from their fly bridge, crock shoes, soap out of their outside balthroom and several other things. Jim slept in our salon, but never heard or saw anything. We had nothng missing. We will stay in Honiara as short time as possible, looks like might be a bit longer than we would like, weather not being kind again.

Hope all are good, much love,