capt log #9 2010

Super salesmen

In the US of A we all dread the day we have to actually go and purchase the car that we have been dreaming about, checking out the ads for, talking to others about, and making list of what we can do without to make the payments. We know that when we approach that dream car on the lot and actually express an interest in a “test drive” that it’s all over. Multi salesmen may get involved, certainly at least one “manager” in the back room that will make the final “special deal”, and probably a finance/credit manager who will give you the bad news and draw out last the last available dime.

Then there is the day that while having a cold beer, we whisper to a friend that we may, just maybe, might be slightly interested in life insurance. We’ve been there on that one.

I am here to tell you these salesmen, my fertilizer salesmen, every salesmen in the free industrialized world could take lessons from a Solomon Islander wood carver. If you think being surrounded by three car salesman is tough, try six fast long boats running you down with three carver salesman in each boat. Each intent on cutting down the carvers on the other boats and even undercutting the price of people on their own boat. Always whispering specials softly out the side of the mouth while starring down the competition.

The ones that come to the boat are always the honest ones, they will tell you not to deal with their neighbor, who is dishonest, even though they are riding in the same boat.

The first price is really not serious, they don’t expect you to pay the first price.

After much joking and talking about friends, religion, politics, and family you get the second price because they like you and we are all friends. Again whispered in your ear while their eyes cut back to stop other carver salesman from approaching. This is where it starts getting serious. Every Carver has at least 6 kids in school and are trying to pay for their school fees, even though as far as I can see they are all 7 day adventist with free schools. Someone told them we yachties were pushovers about children. So kids and school needs is really pushed and really works.

If you make it past the school, shoes, cloths, baby coming, wedding, ect, ect, then you may qualify for the best price. Best price is reserved for someone who is family. To get the best price you must furnish a liter of petrol so he can get the boat home, some fish hooks so he can fish on the way, buy his wife’s basket she has made special for you, buy the pumpkin his niece grew, and agree to visit his home.

If being family does not separate you from enough goods and cash then maybe they will send a daughter out with a hand written note about a very special price so she can pay her school tuition the next day.

They don’t understand any part of the word NO.