another great day

The past two days have been the type of days we thought we would have cruising the South Pacific. Five to six hours of nice calm deep blue water, islands with palm trees and moutains in the back ground. Being able to enjoy the fly bridge and bow of the boat. Then tuck into a nice little village in the afternoon, have drinks and visit with the locals. Didn’t plan on all the carvers trying to sell their wares. Not as bad as Marovo Lagoon though.

We are in Kolombangara Island, Ringgi Cove, 08*07′.102S/157*06′.847E, we have about a 30 mile run tomorrow to Ghizo Island. Plans are to have dinner at the PT-109 tomorrow night. We will hire boat guards while we are out.

Tonight we had our New Zealand friends Betty and Rod from “Lizzie” and their friend Trevor for a Southern fried dolphin dinner. Grits, hush puppies, and cole slaw!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, we sure enjoyed ours. No snorkeling but other great things to fill the day.