First impression of Gizo was not a good one. It rained just as we arrived. We went in to check things out, make a reservation at the PT-109, go to the market and ATM. The roads were muddy, lot of people in a small area, I think every one of them was chewing beetle nut. That is about all that was in the market, the water standing in the streets and walk ways was red with beetle nut spit. This is about the nastiest habit I have every seen.

The sun is out this morning, no rain, maybe today the town will look better.

There was some theft on one of the boats a few days ago we so did boat watches thru the night with Lizzie.

We do have internet service, but not enough strength to skype. Maybe in the middle of the night when the business’ aren’t using it. We will get our official papers done and head out of here as soon as possible. We have to go to Noro for fuel.

I’m ready to get back into clean clear water for some snorkeling and picture taking.

Jim and I are good, miss everyone lots,