Sunday in Oz

All is good here, enjoying eating someone else’s cooking and cleaning up. Wind is still up so looks like we will be sittin’ here for many days to come. Working on getting Special Blend ready to load on the ship sometime between the 20-30 of the month. Doing all the paper work and stuff. I do hope we get some decent weather to make the trip to Brisbane, at some point we have to go no matter what. If we load as soon as the 20th we only have 10 days to go almost 500 miles (150nm a day or us) and get all done. I sure was hopping to have some stops along the way. Lady Musgrove Island is supposed to be a nice snorkel and Maloolaba is another place we have heard so much about. Both are near Brisbane, so maybe???????

Will post a few more picture to facebook, was disappointed in the Great Barrier Reef Pix, so much stuff in the water all the far away breathing taking scenes were blurry. The camera focus’s on the particles, but I got a few good close ups of fish. The big bunphead wrasse was awesome he was so big and graceful. The bright pink/red parrot fish is a rare to see one…….again too much stuff but will post anyway.