Loving Mackay

Yesterday we took a taxi into town, about 15 miles ($20.00) one way. Went to the mall had to mail all our paper work to the Sevenstar Transport people, had lunch, and decided we didn’t want to spend another $20.00 for taxi back. Walked to the bus stop but was an-hour and a half til the next one. The Mercedes-Benz showroom was in the same block so we went in for a look…the E 350CDI is a beauty :), anyway spent some time with the salesman chatting about anything and everything, he wasn’t busy, next thing he ask if we’d like a ride back to the marina. SO we had a Mercedes taxi “home” nice huh! We are enjoying all the little eating places around the marina. Nice to have someone else cook and clean up. We are working at getting things tidy and cleaned up and off the boat. We should know in the next day or so when our load date is. We can have NO alcohol, flammables (so flares, gasoline,ect) have to go or be packed for them to store. Holding tanks drained and cleaned. Any open food items. so we are working steady hoping the weather will let us leave here on Friday. We had a 3/4 day run to Brisbane, we do hope our load date in later than the 20th. Will update ypu as soon as we know.