all good

Today- Sunday, finally having a better ride. since Friday morn it has been horrendous. We can only do 1300rpm, or we start to run hot, right now we are doing 4.2kts. Have gotten as low as 2.5. Jim thinks something is wrong with the sensor or thermostat. Could be the keel cooler. Think we will pull into Bundaberg tomorrow and haul out there to see what the problem is. If we do that we’ll have the bottom cleaned there and not in Scarborough. The wind is down so the waves aren’t so high. We’re about 8 miles off shore, at this point if we should go dead in the water the Australian Coast Guard would be right out and we could anchor till they arrived. NO WORRIES!!!!

My stomach has also finally settled down, makes my outlook a whole lot better. We have a lot to do before the 26th, but the way the seas have been we haven’t been able to do anything. On our passage into Cairns I vacuumed and didn’t want to put it away full of stuff so I went out the back to empty the canister Had it in one hand and the top with the filter in the other, wouldn’t you know it, ploop, the top and filter went into the water. Cannot buy another one here, wrong currant, guess I’ll crawl around on my knees with the hand vacuum. What fun!

Jim is ready to be home, lately it has been one thing after another to work on, I think Special Blend is tired and needs some good ol’ American TLC.

Miss you all much, really ready to see you. I sure will miss this wonderful lifestyle, but there’s more to do and see “over there”.