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Martha 4/7/2014
The Special Blend crew will be on a new adventure via land in the next few weeks, will be adding new pictures of Special Blend Too.
Jim, thank you so much for sharing your site with me. I am sure I will be visiting it over and over. What a great experience for you and your wife (and family). I am proud that you took the leap of faith to make a trip like this. thanks again. Steve Hendrix
David Evans 11/5/2010
Hi jim, I received your name from Christi Grab and it looks like you have some good adventures to follow. i have not checked your vessels technical details, but Christi remembered you might have some knowledge of Wesmar stabilizers. I am considering a N-40 with Wesmars(2005) and will appreciate any insight you can provide me. Happy Voyaging, David
Louise Gantt 8/24/2010
Martha Carol and Jim, I enjoyed reading about your adventures in the South Seas. Joe gave me your boat name and suggested I "look you up". Very interesting! Your cousin Louise
where are the picture''s?
HOOTIE 8/6/2010
Following you on google earth. Found island but not exact bay. Please post frequently. Freddy Grant
Freddy Grant 6/16/2010
Hello! My name is Freddy Grant. I am a gynecologist in Meridian, Mississippi. I was at the Da Vinci robotic meeting in Celebration City today. I met your daughter Holly Lyle. She was telling someone else about meeting you soon and living on the boat for a month. I love boats and scuba diving so of course I jumped into the conversation. We use to have a 38 Ocean Sportfish. I had it from 1996 until 2005. My kids enjoyed it and we had some good times fishing on the Alabama gulf coast. I sold it when they got out of college. Even though we have a condo, I still miss staying on the boat. Unfortunately , my wife does not. Anyway, you two are living the dream that I have always had. Good luck in you travels. Please put me on your email list. Freddy Grant
Liz 6/10/2010
Congrats on your first Grandbaby graduating high school! How is it that I met that little freckle face toe-head at age 6!!! Love that boy. Miss you all and heard Holly Renee was headed out shortly. Didn''t make it to the Keys in my "window" of time but that''s life. Be safe and I told Holly to watch out for Big Numba and Little Numba Men..LOL! Love Liz
Roger 6/8/2010
Rick, Just wanted to make contact and see how things are going. All if fine here.
Hi Guys. Still following the trips you do.Just letting you know things are fine here. Nothing has changed.Good sailing Paul&Braia"channelvista"Whangarei NZ
Liz 5/21/2010
Hello Family! Hope you are gearing up and all is well. Thinking of you and wishing I was fishing! Baby is a girl and growing everyday. Kids are good, life is well, stay safe and know you are loved-Love Liz
Karin Herbert 5/1/2010
Hi Martha! Got your letter- it was so good to hear from you! I am so happy to see you and Jim living your dreams. What beautiful places you have seen. Please be sure to contact me. I would love to see you the next time you are home. I am now a District Manager (still with Polo) . I have 2 stores in Miami and 3 in Puerto Rico. I am usually there once a month. Take care. I look forward to hearing from you. Karin
Christy 4/30/2010
Woo Hoo! The 2010 Adventure has begun! Have fun and take lots of pictures to share!! Enjoy...