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Comment by: Visitor (11/10/2007 8:17:38 PM)
What an adventure. It seems as though everyone is doing good.. Have a safe journey home. hootbj@aol.com

Comment by: Visitor (11/9/2007 7:39:13 AM)
Congrats to Mom, Dad, Mike and Lauri!  Enjoy New Zealand.  I will see you next week.  I can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.  XOXO  Christy and Brad

Comment by: Visitor (9/25/2007 5:54:38 PM)
Hey Mom and Dad…Can I come back????  Christy.

Comment by: Visitor (9/7/2007 9:34:17 PM)
Hi guys, glad to see you’re back online and Mary Ann is on board.  I hope she has a great time. I have been catching up on the pictures.  Beautiful! Happy “late” 40th anniversary. Have fun, be safe.  Linda & Larry

Comment by: Visitor (9/7/2007 12:03:54 PM)
Hi Sweethearts! I’m missing you. I’ll be headed to Gainesville, first time in three years, to pick up Holly’s little car. Mine got wrecked! Go figure. I LOVE THE CITY…not! Anyway, thinking of you. Mom is doing well, send happy thoughts. She has three more treatments. One in September, two in October and then she’s all done! She’ll be sporting a new “look” by Thanksgiving. All my love…to my other family.

Love Liz

Comment by: Visitor (9/6/2007 6:44:47 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha, we have been following your progress. Whew! All I can say is the FL Keys Mahi Mahi don’t miss you.  We do! Tom and Nadia

Comment by: Visitor (8/27/2007 7:29:56 AM)
Dear Martha & Jim,
Really enjoyed the last comments and the pictures I would love to go to the little bar on the iland, You are right Jim could pass as French Polynesian with the nose and checks. Of course it wouldn’t hurt if he had a tat or two. I loved the guy with all the tats that took Holly and Cristy on the horse ride way back. I know you two are having a great time. Saw Holly last week she said she had been doing most of her work at the Vet School she is always the same sweet smilling girl that she is and we love her, Mr.T also. Take care and have loads of fun. Oh can you eat dolphin? is it good.
Sandy and the Lab girls

Comment by: Visitor (8/20/2007 6:49:00 PM)
hey guys i love you and miss you and i cant wait to see you have fun much love


Comment by: Visitor (8/16/2007 10:27:22 AM)
Hi guys I am just sitting here reading about your journeys…..I hope you guys are having the time of your lives, you deserve it!!! Thinking of you often…..safe travels…..love you
Kelly (Reno)Baker

Comment by: Visitor (8/15/2007 7:51:29 AM)
Happy 40th Anniversary on Saturday!  Enjoy your time and your adventure!  We are so proud of you.  Love, Christy and Brad

Comment by: Visitor (8/14/2007 10:28:34 PM)
I miss you guys!  I miss all of the other boaters out there too, tell everyone “hello” from me.  Most of the stars must have fallen out of the sky on my way home…they are missing.  Sure wish I could have gotten a picture of the Bowl of Stars.  Enjoy Bora Bora and, Mom, go swimming with the whales to get a good pic from underwater…Love ya, Christy

Comment by: Visitor (8/11/2007 5:08:05 PM)
Hi guys,   I see that you made it to Tahiti.  Hope you are taking in the beauty of the islands.  We loved the scenery and the snorkeling.  We are in Hawaii for a couple of weeks and thought you might be here by now, but I see you are having too much fun in the Polys.  Hope you have a great time and a save return.  Love, Cuz Patti and Jim

Comment by: Visitor (8/8/2007 8:56:55 PM)
Hello from the Cooks. We are back home and very sad because our time was up. Cought 31 lobsters in the two day dive. Lots of fish, missed you guys at the fish fries. Now we are back in Polk County in the heat.hootbj@aol.com

Comment by: Visitor (8/3/2007 7:42:43 PM)
I sure will be glad when Special Blend moves.  This message board isn’t fun to look at all right now.  Blah, blah, blah.  🙂

Comment by: Visitor (7/21/2007 3:47:15 PM)
This morning Lesley lost her loyal feline friend “Miss Coal” She was a black long hair kitty, that loved being with Lesley. She was around 15 years old, Lesley rescued her all those many years ago.

Comment by: Visitor (7/18/2007 11:54:40 AM)
Hello Martha and Jim! Just checking in with you. I love you both and Holly and the girls so much. I know they’ve had a hard time getting back to “working” life. Funny, I haven’t even been there and I’m having the same problem. I told Holly I hear “two pina coladas” calling….must be time for the Keys or the boat…one of the two! Things are going well here Mom is doing pretty good. Today is a great day! We’re thinking about you and wishing you safe and exciting journeys…oh, and if your headed to Australia or New Zealand…I’m ready to barnacle scrape!!! Love Liz

Comment by: Visitor (7/15/2007 2:59:20 AM)
Hey mom and dad!  We miss you and the islands.  Hard to get back into the American ways…Mae Ruu Ru Ra!  Thanks to all of our friends on the net.  It is so nice getting messages from home while we are out there bobbing around. Keep it up for them, they won’t have a crew for a few weeks or even a month or so.  Love to all….christy

Comment by: Visitor (7/9/2007 4:27:52 PM)

HI Jim and Martha and family,


I have been following your trip and am excited that you are in Moorea.  Jim and I were there about 10 years ago and fell in love with this island.  We stayed at the Bali Hai Club which is on Cooks Bay .  If you get a chance it’s a great place to stop and have a drink or dinner.  They also have a great luau you can go to with an incredible dinner.  You can anchor in the bay and take your dingy over to their landing.  The Snorkeling around the reefs is the best we have ever done.  Opunohu Bay is by far the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.  It was voted the world’s most beautiful bay in Conde Nast several years ago.  When we were there they were remaking Mutiny on the Bounty and were doing most of the filming on Opunohu Bay.  If you have time stop and rent mopeds and do the island.  There is some spectacular views from the mountains and the beaches are lovely.  As you have probably found out the polynesian people are very lazy people.  They don’t worry about anything and never worry about tomorrow.  They will do that when tomorrow comes.  I had one tell me that they live for each day and only that day.  If the go fishing they only catch what they eat that day never more.  They spend a lot of time laying around talking and they love to drink.  Sounds like a stressfree life style to me.  Hope you are enjoying your adventure and keep the stories coming.  Love to each of you,  Patti (Lyle) Lewis.

Comment by: Visitor (7/8/2007 1:50:10 PM)
send christy home we miss her jenny

Comment by: Visitor (7/8/2007 11:58:52 AM)
Hello Martha and Jim!  What a great adventure you and your family are having.  Gary and I and the children were down at Long Key and learned about your amazing adventure.  Just wondering if you both could use an onsite massage therapist onboard “Special Blend”?  Belle and Gary   

Comment by: Visitor (7/7/2007 10:10:14 PM)
Sounds like you are having the time of your lives.  The pics are amazing.  The chronicles of your adventures have been fun to read  and make me remember amny of our fishing and keys adventures as kids.  Enjoy every minute.        Becky

Comment by: Visitor (7/2/2007 8:18:14 AM)
Dear All,
The new pictures are awesome, looked like Holly fell in love with an island dog, knowing her love of animals can see why. The rainbow was so beautiful, know you are having fun and sure do thank you for sharing it with us back at the lab.
Sandy one of the lab rats

Comment by: Visitor (6/30/2007 9:51:48 AM)
Photos are fabulous. The water is so clear. Brad what a fish. That must have taken  hours to catch. Lesley you are doing a great job as Keper of the Stuff. Have a Happy 4th of July. hootbj@aol.com

Comment by: Visitor (6/30/2007 8:30:59 AM)
Hello, just missing y’all.  everyday is a new adventure.  Martha, you and Jim look wonderful.  What wonderful memories y’all are making, when you are old and sitting in that rocking chair, it will not be boring, because of the memories.  enjoy… Love to all Myrtle & Frank

Comment by: Visitor (6/29/2007 10:22:24 AM)
Soundslike awonderful trip,we’ll pass on Capt’s Log and Martha’s Memories to Allene and Jerry Bob and Shirley Turner  bobcturn@aol.com

Comment by: Visitor (6/29/2007 3:41:12 AM)
Hey to all, it sure is not the same here on the boat without Jim, gosh all we seem to be able to do is shop 🙂 guess that’s not all bad. Tomorrow is a Holiday here stores will be closed, guess we’ll wash the boat!

Comment by: Visitor (6/28/2007 8:14:22 PM)
To Martha & Jim- Travis had some wonderful pictures and story’s to tell us about his adventure on his cruise. Thank you so much- And treating him kindly. Love, Lorie (Travis’s sister from Maine.)

Comment by: Visitor (6/28/2007 10:49:14 AM)
Leslley where are those pictures?

Comment by: Visitor (6/28/2007 10:48:36 AM)
Okay now that Jim is gone who is Captain of the ship. Were catching lots of fish here and enjoying the tropical setting. July 4th won”t be the same without you. Enjoy your stay in Tahiti. hootbj@aol.com

Comment by: Visitor (6/23/2007 9:39:56 AM)
I have enjoyed reading your posts and I wish you continued good fortune on you trip. I was wondering if you could tell me how you know in different parts of the world which fish may be tainted with ciguatera and which are safe to eat?

Take care


Comment by: Visitor (6/21/2007 9:10:43 PM)
Just had a wonderful fish fry at the tike hut. Wish you were here….Martha I hope you had a good trip back. Enjoy your wonderful time together……………….The Cooks and the Weinkauf’s in C-7

Comment by: jrawlings3@tampabay.rr.com, (6/19/2007 7:10:45 PM)
Hey Princess…….How is your oddessy going?? Hi to everyone else!!!!

Comment by: Visitor (6/19/2007 4:56:24 PM)
Greeting from the Cook’s. We only thought we were in Paradise in the Keys. Sounds like your adventure is really it…Wish you were here but your fish are bigger and very exciting. It’s kinda quite on Long Key today.  Most people come on the weekends.  Martha I hope you get  back safely and Christy and Brad have a great time.

Comment by: , Keeper of the Stuff (6/17/2007 11:04:05 PM)
Hey all I’ll be headed out tomorrow morn at 8:00am from Tampa Fl.  Will stay a night in Tahiti then on to the boat Tues am. Mother is doing fair at this point heart seems to be ok, but they are keeping her heart rate and blood pressure very low as not to put strain on the disected area. Plus she pulled her back in the hospital and is having severe muscle spasms, and the meds for that make her real drowsy.  Lesley will post pictures I brought home with me as soon as  she gets a spare minute. She’ll be Grandmom sitting at night . It’s been a real busy time for both of us. Can’t wait to see Jim and the crew.
Love to all

Comment by: Visitor (6/16/2007 1:54:18 PM)
Hey Brad, just checking out the website and catching up on all of the great and fun things you are doing. Sounds like some great adventures and fish catching!! We so enjoy reading about all the fun you are having. Miss you a ton ! Hope you all continue to have a wonderful and safe trip.
Lots of Love – Tiffany & Albert

Comment by: Visitor (6/13/2007 2:19:23 PM)
Hello Crew! I just wanted to check in with everybody. Ms. Christy I miss your voice! Remind me to tell you a funny story about a skirt being tucked in panythose when you get back…it’s too funny and it wasn’t me! Mr. Jim, Travis, and Brad, I hope you all are having the time of your life. It sounds amazing. I talk to Holly everyday….YEAH!!! and catch up with Ms. Les every couple of days. I’ll be in Florida in August sometime and hope to see most of you there. Christy, mom should start treatment at the end of the month or first part of July. Keep in mind we all want to go to Vegas later this year when she’s better for my 30th birthday!!! Oh, I did get to hear Ms. Martha’s voice and of course I cried…I didn’t realize how much I missed her. All of you are in my prayers Love you ….be safe. Love Liz

Comment by: Visitor (6/12/2007 10:11:25 AM)
I just wanted to say Hello, to the newest squid on the boat…. Ms. Christy. I hope your travels went fine. I am sure you are basking in the sun, fishing or swabbing the deck. Whatever your doing has got to be better than being stuck behind a desk. Just wanted you know that I miss you and Im wishing I was there. Hope to hear from you soon. Catch a big one for me. Barbie Taylor barbie.taylor@lakelandelectric.com

Comment by: Visitor (6/10/2007 11:06:47 AM)
Hey Jim, Martha, and the Crew,  Just wanted to say hello. I have been following your journey for awhile, but always forget to send greetings!  We have been enjoying the pics and logs.  Everything looks and sounds Amazing!  We will be trolling the “hump” in a few weekends so I will give you a report and hopefully some pixs.  Stay safe.      Brad Wright       steelers147@comcast.net

Comment by: Visitor (6/8/2007 11:35:31 AM)
Dear Martha,
I have been living your journey vicariously, as it sounds many others have been doing.  Our last trip to the Keys, while visiting Bob Plyer,  I met the lovely Bonnie.  Laura, Johnnie, my husband, Peter, Bob, Bonnie & I had a fund time in the spring.  We heard about your start, and then again when we were there visiting Bob for our annual fishing tournament last weekend, that you and your husband were in Tahiti…….WOW!……while walking the bridge, Peter and I met Barbara and Hootie.  (More great folks!)  I told Barbara about how you and I modeled together………and I am sure that you are camera ready everyday, even in the Pacific.  So sorry to hear about your mother, however, happy to hear about the great blessing.  Obviously, her time is not up!  We will all be praying for a full recovery!  My best is sent to you and Jim.  Warmest regards, Laura-Leigh Wood.  LauraLeighWood@earthlink.net

Comment by: Visitor (6/7/2007 9:19:11 AM)
Hey from Martha, I am back in the States, my Mother gave us a scare Tues and we were not sure what the outcome would be, with lot of prayers and my Mothers strong faith she is doing very well. Lesley will update everyone what was going on, seems we had a miracle.. Will write soon will be with Mother for a few days.
Love to all Martha

Comment by: Visitor (6/5/2007 10:50:30 AM)
Hey Travis, mom wants a black and white pearl necklace or ring ( size 7)  Probably too late. Love, Lorie & Mom

Comment by: Visitor (6/5/2007 8:46:42 AM)
Hey there brother, read the “Barnacles scraper chonicles” about the black pearls, after all that did you get them ? Will let mom read it. Love and miss you. See you end of this month in Maine 🙂

Comment by: Visitor (6/3/2007 11:38:46 AM)
Hey Travis, Hope you’re enjoying yourself. Kegging this weekend (mild ale, kolsch and our griffen spit ). Take lots of pics and have a great time. Oh yeah, get to work you scurvy deck ape!  D-

Comment by: Visitor (6/2/2007 3:47:05 AM)
Travis, you are “missing”  a weekend of rain in Florida! Finally we are getting a soaking.  Hope all is well.
Bill Ahrens

Comment by: Visitor (6/1/2007 5:24:08 PM)
Greetings to the Captain and crew of the Special Blend.  Lauri and I continue to enjoy your journey via “The Keeper of the Stuff.”  Incredible “stuff” happening, including but not limited to: Academia Bay, Ascension Bay, Baie D’Anaho, Baie Hanamoenoa, Barefoot Cay, Bay of Virgins, Belize, Cancun, Colombia, Cozumel, Dry Tortugas, Ecuador, Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia, Galapagos, Hol Chan Pass Reserve, Honduras, Isla Isabella, Isla Mujeres, Lake Gatun, Manihi Atoll, Marquesas Islands, Mexico, Nuku Hiva, Panama Canal, Pearl Islands, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Ayora, Puerto Morelos, Roatan, San Andres Island, San Miguel, San Pedro, Tahuata, Tuamotus Islands, Xcalak, Yucatan (channel and peninsula), and many more yet to visit, whew!  I’ve learned more geography in the last three months than I did in the high school “Introduction to Geography” class taught by one Robert Cloud at the old FMHS.  The teacher was fine, his student was the challenge.  Seriously, we look forward to each posting and wish for you to “keep up the good stuff.”     Our love to you all!     Lauri, Boomer and Mike

Comment by: Visitor (5/31/2007 7:18:50 PM)
We are off to C-7 tomorrow for a couple of months. We follow you everyday. The trip sounds awesome. We will miss not having you there this summer. We will be in touch. Waiting for those pictures. Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (5/31/2007 4:56:28 PM)
Hello everyone on the Special Blend,
Travis will be missed but I can truly say it is wonderful to see Holly and have her back.  She looks wonderful and is well rested (she may beg to differ).  Have a wonderful time for the rest of your trip and I hope Travis finds the adventure as wonderful.
Love Holly’s Neighbors the Smolas

Comment by: Visitor (5/31/2007 7:57:09 AM)
Hi Crew,
I have enjoyed Life at Sea every morning when I get into work(ACS), just want to Thank you for sharing the fun with all us Lab Rats, saw Holly yesterday and she looked great, Mr. T you have your work cut out for you taking Holly’s place, cooking, fishing and of course making everyone laugh. Thank you Martha and Jim for the wonderful stories.
Sandy Williams and the girls in the Lab

Comment by: Visitor (5/30/2007 11:31:42 PM)
Well I finally made it back – but I hated to leave. Oh what a wonderful time, what beautiful places, and great people. It was the adventure of a lifetime and I had my mom and dad to share it with. I have such special parents – thank you mom and dad for the laughs, the tears, the fun, and for the adventure I will never forget. But mom today I took a LONG shower, had a glass of REAL milk, went to TACO BELL and drank a DR. PEPPER. Miss you already! 
Love you,

Comment by: Visitor (5/29/2007 7:43:07 PM)
Hi Crew! I have to say I was so damn excited to hear Holly’s voice on the phone I thought I would pee myself. I couldn’t peel the smile off my face or take the bounce out of my step all day. Only talked to her for about 20 minutes…but she called me right back and I had to kick myself to realize I did just hear her voice TWICE in one hour! God Love DADDY’S BABY GIRL! I know I sure do love her. Anyway, mom is doing well she starts treatment in a few weeks from what we know right now. Things are much better than we thought…by the grace of God. Her and Daddy, officially, want to be barnacle scrapers anytime, anyday, anywhere…just let them know and they’ll pack their bags, bring money, anything that you all need!…as soon as she’s finished with some of her stuff here. I love you all so much and Gosh Darn I miss ya’s!! Always, Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/28/2007 6:22:32 PM)
Just spent an hour reading the adventures.  WHAT FUN!  (for you – not me…tee.hee.hee)  Martha, you are my hero – you know I could never do it!  We will miss you guys in the Keys and haven’t broken the word to my girls that Brad may not be in the Keys when we are there.  They will be so disappointed.  Love to all.  Be safe but most importantly LIVE LIFE!  Paige and JT

Comment by: Visitor (5/27/2007 6:19:56 AM)
Travis,Holly,Jim,Martha & Brad, So glad to hear your all having a wonderful time. Trav I got your e-mail, read it to mom and dad on phone. Thank you. Stay safe. Take lot’s of pictures. Love, Lorie

Comment by: Visitor (5/26/2007 10:43:14 PM)
Travis, Holly, Marth and Jim.
Just thought I would let you know the horses and dogs are ok…lol. I know ya’ll are having the time of you lives. See ya When you get home!
Ron Sanderson, High Springs

Comment by: Visitor (5/25/2007 6:31:30 PM)
Dear Martha and Jim – you guys have been through a “life altering” experience, and there is now nothing that you cannot do or accomplish!!  What a feeling to be on top of the world, and know it!!  Have fun, enjoy and take lots of photos.  We Love You – BE SAFE!  Mike and Lauri

Comment by: Visitor (5/24/2007 9:25:44 PM)
Dear Jim and Martha:
Congratulations on your big crossing.  I spoke with Eric Grab the other day, what an amazing feat for your two 43’s to accomplish in tandem.  Hope you will get to tie up side by side and get a good photo.  Thanks for posting all of your adventures and continued success!  Seems like you were just in Florida…
Jeff Merrill  jeff.merrill@nordhavn.com

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Comment by: Visitor (5/24/2007 3:28:38 PM)
Dear Captain, Admiral and Crew of the Special Blend,
My name is Bob Webb.  (bobann49@knology.net).  I am Sylvia’s 1st cousin. I may have met you down on Long Key several years ago. My whole family and my brother have been following your trip daily. 
What a facinating trip.  How I wish I could be with you.  My brother “Horton,” Sylvia and my wife and I have been long time boaters and fishermen.  I have also been to French Polynesia rather recently.  It is so beautiful.  Diving is the best I have ever seen.  Watch out for the sharks.  There are plenty of them around but they don’t seem to be too aggressive, except for the bullsharks.  If you want to learn a little Polynesian, here is a standard greeting you might try:  “AH-HOT-TEE-WHO-LU.”  Think of a cup of hot tea.  They will think you are really smart.  You will have to handle the French on your own.  Bless you all and have a safe trip.  Bobby Webb (as Sylvia calls me)

Comment by: Visitor (5/24/2007 2:12:10 PM)
Hey everyone!!!! I hope you are having an amazing time!!!! Tell Christie and Brad that Kasey says Hi!!!! Have fun and good luck!!!! E-mail– Kaster0323@aol.com

Kasey Skoll

Comment by: Visitor (5/24/2007 11:37:12 AM)
Hi Guys, things are good here. Missing you like crazy Holly Renee…poor Leslie and Christie…I don’t think they realized I could talk so much 🙂 The island sounds enchanting! Be safe and keep smiling…..love you guys. Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/23/2007 9:23:55 PM)
Hello Martha, Jim & Holly, Travis talked to me from LA. he’s all exited ! Like a kid in a candy store.LOL. Holly he misses you so much and I think alittle lonely. Trav. e-mail when you reach Special Blend. Love ya big sis, Lorie (Pictures & more pictures.)

Comment by: Visitor (5/23/2007 6:16:25 PM)
“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.” Perhaps Anne Morrow Lindberg new what she was writing, and I believe that you have truly found your “gift from the sea”. I hope all is well and I check your website daily.  David Burry

Comment by: Visitor (5/23/2007 10:13:28 AM)

Comment by: Visitor (5/22/2007 11:48:54 PM)
Tuesday, 11:50 PM…Their bags are packed, ready to go.  They are leaving on a jet plane…we just have to wake up in 3.5 hours to get to the airport by 5 am.  Brad and Travis should reach the Special Blend sometime in the afternoon on Thursday.  Talk about a long journey!  Of course, they have plenty of snacks…would you expect less from me?  I will be headed out on June 7! …..Christy

Comment by: gatorjean1@aol.com, (5/19/2007 4:55:31 PM)
Hi Martha and Jim,      YOU MADE It!  Great news.  Hope you guys are having lots of fun.  Sure
sounds like it.  Not much in the big city of SANFORD, FLORIDA right now.  Crazy weather we are having along with the fires.
Just ordered our Gator tickets.   Stay safe and we love hearing about your fantastic trip.  We loved Tahiti..  Jean & Frank Clontz

Comment by: Visitor (5/19/2007 11:46:14 AM)
YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! YOU MADE IT! I’m so excited for you. I hope all of you feel better soon. Things are going well here. Mom’s doing awesome. She came home yesterday and is already on email. Love Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/18/2007 9:43:55 PM)
Mom, the leaves on the new sapling Maple tree in the front pasture taste GREAT! I’ve been eating them all day! Thanks for the extra foliage. Love, Gracie

Comment by: Visitor (5/17/2007 7:41:22 PM)
Hello again. Mom made it through with flying colors…what a stressful day. She was a champ though and just as graceful and beautiful as always. She’s my hero. I was ever so grateful to hear my Miss Holly on the phone. I’m sorry I cried the entire time…but I figured you didn’t expect much else from. Mr Jim and Ms. Martha from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your sweetness this year and every year I’ve known you. God Bless and I can’t wait until you hit land!!! Hugs and Kisses! Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/15/2007 9:07:50 PM)
Hi guys. Tomorrow is mom’s “day”. We’re all getting very nervous. Please say some prayers for us. She’s just ready to get it over with and the healing to begin.Miss you Holly, love you all. Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/13/2007 2:25:35 PM)
The seas and days pass fast when your having fun. You guys are amazing……….Life at sea sounds great ! Wanted  to wish you  Happy Mother Day. The exercise sounded like a great idea………you may have to just get out and swim………….really with all that water.  We look forward to hearing from you every day. Baarbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (5/12/2007 9:48:56 PM)
This is Mary Ann Hornsby, down in the Keys at the condo. I’m following every step of your trip! I still want to join you somewhere in the South Pacific. Have double bag, will travel. Love, Mary Ann

Comment by: Visitor (5/11/2007 7:23:46 PM)
It’s been great fun reading about your adventure. Keep an eye out for Kosmos, another Nordy 43 that is traveling out your way.

Comment by: Visitor (5/11/2007 7:09:33 PM)
What incredible pictures.  I am a friend of Travis and also Doug Kranich. Travis mentioned the voyage. You are to be commended. I love the opening quote by Mark Twain.
Congratulations and God’s Speed!
Bill Ahrens, Melbourne, FL   mrbill201@cfl.rr.com

Comment by: Visitor (5/11/2007 3:46:51 PM)
Dear group, recieved the email. Love you all. Keeping close contact with the girls. We need a girl trip! Counting down the days.

Comment by: Visitor (5/9/2007 11:33:16 AM)
Holly, I keep trying to email but no response. Not sure if you’re getting my mails or not. A little bunny told me that Jim is notorious for deleting the emails… If you can’t mail I understand but missing you and found out your arrival date home! Counting down the days…love you all be safe. Liz

Comment by: Visitor (5/9/2007 6:14:35 AM)
Happy Anniversary Holly, I know I’m a day late. Was suppose to e-mail last night but got busy. Hope your having a great time. Love you, Lorie

Comment by: Visitor (5/8/2007 4:50:57 PM)
Where’s Dr. Smith

Danger, Will Robinson

Comment by: Visitor (5/8/2007 4:32:17 PM)
Hi Jim,Martha and Miss Hol,
Everything here in STL is going well, just welcoming some warm weather finally…..Liz is sure missing you Hol, we talk about you guys daily…hope you are having the time of your lives!! Mom’s doing well, surgery was postponed until May 17th….we’ll keep you posted. Be safe we love you guys!! I love following your travels….
Kelly (kellyrenolmt@yahoo.com)

Comment by: Visitor (5/6/2007 8:39:27 PM)
Hi All – sounds like the weather has not been as cooperative as it could have been.  Hang in there – think of the $$$ you are saving not having to use shampoo, makeup etc.  Just a note – I was published in Birds & Bloom magazine this month – a surprise since I sent in the picture over a year ago!  Take care and continue to HAVE FUN!!  Love you all – Lauri & Mike  P.S. Happy Birthday, Leslie (I still have pictures in my photo treasure box from your 1st BD party)

Comment by: Visitor (5/5/2007 4:38:45 PM)
Holly, we miss you and all your children are doing well (including Travis).  Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.
Love The Smola’s

Comment by: Visitor (5/4/2007 4:14:40 PM)
You are 1/3 of the way there!  Holly and mom, the fog over the boat can only be seen by the natives.  Don’t worry about the shower until the Space Station sends out a message to Huston about the spooky cloud moving across the Pacific.  Just think how nice your dredlocks will look in the islands.  Brad is getting excited, he is counting down the days.  He will see you on the 24th. Passport has arrived and ticket purchased.

Comment by: Visitor (5/1/2007 10:18:59 PM)
Hi Gang,   It is great fun to get to follow along as you go on youre adventure.Life is good out on the farm.Some frends gave me a retired
rope horse for my girls. Emily Grace rode him in the Grand Entry and the barrel race at River Ranch.IT WAS AWSOME.Fred is 29
and is still in good shape. Paige was scared.Gracie asked me if it mattered if her jeans were to short,I said “You look so cute no one will
notice” that made her smile. He reminds me of that old horse Holly had. I wish I could be there for the horseback rides.
WE MISS YOU!  Nancy&Bud

Comment by: Visitor (4/29/2007 12:57:19 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha – Greeting from Long Key. . . you neighbor Joan Vernon… The Pesch family is down with me for the weekend. Bob brought us a print out of your Log!  What an adventure.  Now that we have your website we will keep updated.  Sounds like all your dreams are coming true.  Travel safe- we are waiting for the next chapter!  Joan, Lizzie, Billy, Macky & Caroline

Comment by: Visitor (4/29/2007 9:25:19 AM)
Howdee Jim and Martha Carol and crew ,
Enjoying the pix and script.. Keep “em” coming .. Bobby gave me your website info so we are tagging along (dreaming) .. 
Keep an eye for “Blackbeard” and the boys.. Hugs to all .. 
Russ and Sharon Heard
P.S. Jimmy , you’ve come along way since being that “skinny” kid in  Avon Park .. Congrats !!
P.P.S.  Email  Sharla8709@cox.net   

Comment by: Visitor (4/27/2007 8:26:07 PM)
Hi Jimmy and Martha Carol,

This is your cousins Jim and Patti Lewis(Lyle).  We have been following your adventure and anxiously awaiting each of your trip entries.  Sounds like you are having a lifetime experience one that each of us dream of.   Keep the trip logs coming and we wish you an exciting trip and a safe return. 

Love to each of you,  Jim and Patti

Comment by: Visitor (4/26/2007 3:34:46 PM)
Holly, so glad you made it, I am keeping up more now that you are there just to see how much fun you are having. If you are anything like at work I know your Dad will be glad to have you on board. Us girls in the lab say Hi, Sandy and the rest of the lab rats.

Comment by: Visitor (4/23/2007 11:40:12 AM)
To Holly: So….I’ve called Leslie only about 8 dozen times…I have to remind myself if I’ve told her some stuff or if I told you and I’m blending stories…not sure. I miss you like crazy…but I’m so happy for you knowing you have a chance to see your mama and Mr. Jim. All is well here. Things are calming down. We got mom’s patio done for her, my cousins all came to help, she’s happy. They will head out to the Keys on Weds. and they are very excited! I know you are safe from Leslie’s update…but I still miss you. Called your phone three times just to hear your voice…marking days off on the calendar. Looking forward to pics when you guys can. I’ll pencil myself in as the barnacle scraper sometime in October…or the closest opening. Tell Jim to gear up….Liz is coming!  Love you all-Liz

Comment by: Visitor (4/22/2007 1:41:42 PM)
opps! I forgot to post who that last comment was from…..Shannon 🙂

Comment by: Visitor (4/22/2007 1:41:10 PM)
Holly!!!!  Glad to hear you made it safely.  How is it?  I am sure it is absolutely beautiful.  You better take tons of pictures to show me.  Well, I hope you have a great time…..I am sure you will- your in good company :).  Thinking of you…..

Comment by: Visitor (4/22/2007 10:24:20 AM)
Greetings from Bridget and Susan from the airport in the Galapagos that were playing Scrabble.  Great talking to you and we are glad that your daughter arrived.  Getting ready to leave Quito for the USA.  Will check on your Web page to keep in touch!  Mahalo

Comment by: Visitor (4/21/2007 12:44:44 PM)
Just wanted to say hello to you two. We’re following you every day. Sounds like you are having a great time. Hope you catch some fish and can dive soon. You know Holly will want to do that. Having her there will be a treat for you two.  Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (4/21/2007 10:05:18 AM)
Hooray Martha I finally figured out hoe to get back to your Webpage.  I saw Holly Friday and she was so excited about joining you all this week.  Johnny and I are leaving the Keys tomorrow, April 21st.  We are heading to Port St. Lucie for a few days and then own to Orlando to get the bus ready for the trip to Colorado.  Johnny has decided he can drive the bus – so wish us luck.  May take us a little longer than 4 days, but that’s O.K.It sounds like you two are having the thrill of a lifetime on your journey.  Needless to say we miss you in the Keys, but know we’re looking forward to tracking you every inch of the way.  Well gotta run my friends – you have a wonderful day and we’ll keep in touch.  Love & Hugs – Johnny & Lora

Comment by: Visitor (4/20/2007 10:40:48 AM)
jim, about losing an anchor and flopper stopper. trey wants to pass this handy tip on to you *if you cant tie a knot, tie a lot* great going and good job, love bill and margaret

Comment by: Visitor (4/17/2007 8:40:56 AM)
Silvia, have a good flight home!  I will wait a while, and then call you so we can hopefully have a good chat.  Have a continued good trip, Jim and Martha.  Remember I am somewhere on that boat.  Love to all,  Carol L.  (School’s Out)

Comment by: Visitor (4/15/2007 8:00:28 PM)
Go Holly! Go crew (or should I say, shellbacks?)! LOVE the updates. Dan and I were down in some of the spots you cruised through in Mexico recently. How gorgeous was Tulum? Isla Mujeres has a special place in our hearts, too. I decided to post to help Martha through the “bitchy days” because what woman can’t relate? Ha. Jealous of all the fun you’re having. Have a fantastic time down there, Holly. Please send me a photo of the blue-footed boobies, as I think it will make my life complete.

Love to captain, admiral and crew!
Sara (sara@saralyle.com)

Comment by: Visitor (4/15/2007 9:52:49 AM)
They did it!  The Special Blend threw the anchor in the Galapagos islands Sat morn in the fog.  The “keeper of the stuff” is having tech problems and will soon update the site.  All is well with the Special Blend and crew.   Congrats to the trusty shellbacks… Daddy, Mom, and Sylvia!  Much love, Christy and Brad 

Comment by: Visitor (4/13/2007 6:55:31 PM)
Cpt. Bligh & Crew,
Traditiion calls those who have not crossed the equator “Polywogs” & those that have are called “Trusty Shellbacks”. Congratualtions on becoming “Shellbacks”.  Champ brought a globe to coffee at John’s today and many now realize the earth is round and where the crew of Special Blend is located. Fair winds and following seas. David Burry

Comment by: Visitor (4/13/2007 2:44:16 PM)
Oh Holly girl…if anybody can sweet talk the Ecuadoran Government it would be you…LOL So excited your going…you get to see your mama and Big Daddy Jim….no phone calls..what will I do?….thank God for the website. I’m not worried about you swimming those last few hundred miles…you’ve always been a strong swimmer….taking boat parts might be another story. All of you have a WONDERFUL time. I read the page everyday…missing you all and praying for calm seas. all my love-Liz

Comment by: Visitor (4/13/2007 10:34:13 AM)
All right mom and dad – I will be on my way in a few day. It has taken an act of congress (or Ecaudor Government) to get my tickets and I may be traveling with 200lbs of boat parts and I may have to swim the last few hundred miles but I will arrive in the Galapagos. Love you guys and see you soon – Holly

Comment by: Visitor (4/13/2007 6:08:32 AM)
David Gill at Gill mfg our thoughts are with you be safe and have a great time David Gill

Comment by: Visitor (4/12/2007 7:00:21 PM)
Hey you guys. You have to walk down the steps backward when the seas are rough. That makes it easier. Well you’re half way to the next stop. Hootie says you need a ski belt to keep from bruising those hips. Push on……….Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (4/12/2007 1:26:04 PM)
Just got web site from Larry Wray, great reading of your trip and following virtually along.  Stay safe, enjoy.  Muriel & Jerry – Islamorada

Comment by: Visitor (4/12/2007 6:37:00 AM)
Hang on you guys!  Do hope today is better.  Give the captain an onion, and can of three bean salad!  We are cold here in Marietta, OH.  Talked to Lynn at Sea Bird yesterday.  Love,  Carol

Comment by: Visitor (4/11/2007 12:35:13 PM)
I am dying to see photos of this sailfish Jim caught! Enjoy your trip to the Galapagos. I am researching fishing spots in the Marquesas as we speak. -Travis

Comment by: Visitor (4/10/2007 10:39:19 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha – boy, have you kept us glued to the screen!  I suspect Mike gets up in the middle of the night to check the latest, although he denied as much this morning.  We love you guys and miss you much – tell Sylvia hello – can’t wait to see you at Christmas!  P.S. – Jim – congrats on the sailfish, although without pictures it’s just another “fish” story!  Be Safe – LOL – Mike and Lauri

Comment by: Visitor (4/10/2007 7:21:32 PM)
good talking with you and martha the other night we will follow you all the way  love jerry and donna

Comment by: Visitor (4/10/2007 9:37:38 AM)
Being tech challenged, I am wondering if we are on the email list..!!  We read the latest on the web site each day…  Hello to Sylvia.  When will you be back at Sea Bird, or do you know yet?  Oh, yes, I do remember boat cruising does not go by the calendar!  Love to all,  Carol

Comment by: Visitor (4/9/2007 2:54:24 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha,
Finally got this site on my computer at home after hearing all about it from Bob and have had fun viewing all of it today.  What a wonderful trip!  Keep on sailing and enjoying yourselves to the fullest, Nancy      Had a good visit with Andy and Tina this past weekend. 

Comment by: Visitor (4/8/2007 10:09:31 AM)
Glad to hear you both made it through the canal! Holly and I were huddled around a computer at work on Friday watching you guys. It was really interesting. Holly and I kayaked down the Santa Fe River yesterday — 6 miles, so we now have plenty of nautical experience under our belts for the Marquesas! .

Comment by: Proplus01@hotmail.com, (4/8/2007 9:54:59 AM)
Dear Martha and Jim,
    It feels as if the last couple of days are all a dream.  I can not believe that I have just seen you much less crossed the Canal on the Special Blend!!
    I had such a wonderful time.  I had been thinking about the summers of twirling, Royal Crown Cola and Moonpies recently.  I guess that all of this thinking and reminiscing brought me this wonderful experience.  I have wanted to go through the Canal for the longest period of time.  I had almost given up on this opportunity since Tom retired.  Now that I am “mutilado”  even less.  To be able to go through the Canal with my best friend, AKA, “someone from my past” was more than I could ever hope for.
    I down-loaded the pictures on to my e-mail and sent them to my girls.  Can’t wait to tell them all of the stories.
    I will be reading the log everyday to follow all of your adventures.
    Please return to Panama.  We will take Jim fishing and you shopping.  There is still a lot to see and do.
    Say hello to Sylvia for me.
    Stay safe and have lots of adventure.
Lots of love,
Dee Dee

Comment by: Visitor (4/8/2007 1:01:08 AM)
Mr. Jim and Ms. Martha…mom said she’d come down and be a barnacle scraper. We’re all following, praying, and thinking of you. I told Holly it was unacceptable that I wasn’t going with…just doesn’t feel right..LOL And…not talking to her at least twice a day…unacceptable! Keep us in your prayers. Hugs and Kisses to you all….So proud of you and for you. YEAH…PANAMA CANAL…looked for you but missed the grand finale. Wish I could write more…my parents have decided to go ahead and take the trip to the Keys as planned. So, they’ll be there in a couple of weeks. All my love…will seriously consider the openings for barnacle scrapers in the “open” months…all my love….Liz! p.s. it’s about time someone else ordered Mr. Jim around…LOL I like to see him working as the line handler…LOL…

Comment by: Visitor (4/7/2007 9:54:37 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha,
Glad you finally made it through the canal. We been reading your log and enjoy reading of all your adventures. What a trip of a lifetime!! The pictures are awesome!!!We wish you a safe voyage and will miss seeing you in the keys.Ron and Larry just came back today from a weekend keys trip to Seabird. Not much of a fishing trip though. Have a great voyage, and be safe. Ron and Pam

Comment by: Visitor (4/7/2007 1:05:22 AM)
Congrats! You made it to the Pacific side. Great web site, and a wonderful job by your daughter, Lesley. We look forward to seeing the next leg of your journey. Have fun in Panama, and keep in touch. Take care, Melinda and Jeff

Comment by: Visitor (4/6/2007 6:01:24 PM)
Watched you go through the Canal and on the phone with Lesley (multi-tasking). That was fun!!! I will see you guys soon!!! Love you,

Comment by: Visitor (4/6/2007 5:19:03 PM)
Glad to see you finally made it through the Canal.  That was quite an adventure.   Also, glad to see that you are finally catching fish.   We are enjoying  both the pictures and the log entries.  Glad to hear you got to watch the Gator game.  Happy late B’day, Jim.  Tell Sylvia hello for us.  Larry carried the boat down to Seabird Wed.  He’ll be back Sat.  Can’t wait to get back to the Keys!   Stay safe, Linda and Larry

Comment by: Visitor (4/6/2007 2:38:25 PM)
That was awesome watching the SB go through the Panama Canal!  Mom and Dad, we could see you clear!  Brad and I enjoyed the journey with you.  Hope to talk soon.  Love you…Christy and Brad

Comment by: Visitor (4/6/2007 11:24:10 AM)
Happy Easter Weekend you two – Sure hope this finds you having another fun day.  I have spent the morning catching up on your adventures of the past week.  I agree with many of your friends “You must write a book”  this is good stuff.  Martha you will appreciate the fact that I just wrote you a long e-mail in the wrong screen and could not send it.  I promise you in another couple of years I’ll have this computer stuff down pat:):):)  I decided to print the e-mail and read it to you when you get home verses typing the whole thing over again.  Now that I know the procedure I will keep in touch more oftern.  We miss and envy you – Lora & Johnny

Comment by: Visitor (4/5/2007 3:43:24 PM)
I continue to enjoy your adventure.  Great fun reading about it all. Irby and Maryellen

Comment by: Visitor (4/5/2007 9:13:50 AM)
Love the adventure. It’s almost like we are there. You must write a book……..Martha good luck on the canal navigation. We will be watching . Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (4/4/2007 4:15:53 PM)
Hey! From the Longfellows, back in Marietta.  Sure like this website!  Love to all, and hope to see you at Sea Bird Marina next winter.

Comment by: Visitor (4/3/2007 8:46:30 PM)
Christy Edwards Tenzar had her baby yesterday.  Nicholas George!  He and his momma are great.  7lbs 11oz. He did come before the 9:18 gator tip off. 

Comment by: Visitor (4/3/2007 12:21:07 PM)
GO GATORS!!!!!!!! We got to see the game last night how ’bout them gators  love to all  MARTHA

Comment by: Visitor (4/2/2007 10:32:18 PM)
Martha I have been waiting patiently for the next addition to your great american novel.  we listeners need more words.  Love Bob and sue.

Comment by: Visitor (4/2/2007 6:49:00 PM)
how about them gators–f&m

Comment by: Visitor (3/28/2007 10:03:52 PM)
I’ve been keeping up with your great adventure.  Sounds like you are having the time of your life.  Christy’s baby should be here any day.  Good Luck.   Becky, Mark and the kids

Comment by: Visitor (3/27/2007 4:13:26 PM)
happy late b day. we ve been checking on you every couple of days. sounds like everything is going relatively well. i m sure it will continue. good luck. tell sylvia hi.   love bill and margaret

Comment by: Visitor (3/27/2007 9:16:28 AM)
Happy Birthday Jim,  I have some pickles saved for you upon your return. David Burry

Comment by: Visitor (3/26/2007 10:06:19 PM)
Happy Birthday Jim from the Cooks

Comment by: Visitor (3/26/2007 9:56:24 PM)
Happy Birthday Daddy!!! I love you – hope to see you soon. Miss you, Holly

Comment by: Visitor (3/26/2007 7:04:38 PM)
Happy Birthday, Dad!!  Have mom whip up one of those microwave cakes for you…I snuck some on the boat.  It was great talking to you and mom yesterday.  Miss you. (Brad just caught a 5 lb bass!)  Love you, Christy

Comment by: Visitor (3/26/2007 1:38:56 PM)
Hi Mr Jim and Miss Martha, I am a Special Blend junkie I am checking on your progress and hoping you guys are having the time of your lives!!!
Holly just flew here to St. Louis to spend St. Pat’s with Liz……and we got the scoop on your journey so far…..Always thinking of you…..please be safe and have a wonderful adventure. Kelly Baker and Family

Comment by: Visitor (3/26/2007 9:32:04 AM)
Hey Kuz….been keeping track of you on your adventure.  Stay safe and say hi to Martha.  smiles, Cindy Lyle

Comment by: Visitor (3/23/2007 9:55:19 AM)
Greetings to the Special Blend crew wherever you are.  Happy ‘early’ Birthday to the Captain (Monday the 26th I believe.)  Jim, Lauri said to tell you to have your SS checks sent directly to her and she will take care of them for you.  We’re continuing to enjoy your trip through Lesley’s updates.  Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim.  Our love to you all,   Lauri, ‘Boomer” and Mike

Comment by: Visitor (3/21/2007 3:47:29 PM)

Comment by: Visitor (3/21/2007 12:58:15 PM)
Hello Jim and Martha…greetings from Venice!  Spring is here but it can’t compare with your present climate.  Many thanks to Christy and Steve R. for turning me on to your site.  Just scrolling through this has all the makings of my favorite Sunday a.m. ESPN fishing shows.  Keep a sharp eye out for birds!  Michael,  venice gcc 

Comment by: Visitor (3/20/2007 10:29:01 PM)
Hey Crew – hope everyone is doing good!! Got back from St Louis tonight – fun trip. It was 40 degrees  but snowing during the parade on Saturday – that was different. Love you mom and dad and miss you very much, Holly

Comment by: Visitor (3/19/2007 6:38:57 PM)
Hi crew.  I have enjoyed reading your logs and are looking forward to your next adventure.  I hope there will be a few fish storys along the way.  My two girls have written you and sara is so excitited that she is already trying to figure a way to hitch a ride.  Since she will be a life style editor with good housekeeping.  I think she smells a story on their nickle. I have fenished with the remodling work at the house so susan has me running a golf tournement.  Wish I was with you two and enjoying the sights, but some of us can’t dream that big.  Keep the storys comming. www.lyler43@aol.com.

Comment by: Visitor (3/19/2007 6:02:19 PM)
Hi Martha Carol and Jimmy! I so want to be you guys when I grow up. You’re my idols. I love your Web site. And even though my mom does not like to be corrected in public, I have to tell you that I’m going to be the Lifestyle Editor at GH, not the other thing that she said (love you, Peanut!). Very excited about the move either way. You’ll have to spill all of your home decorating and entertaining tips, Aunt Martha–even if you have sold your house and are now cruising around the world on a yacht. Again, you two are amazing. Daniel and I just might try to hitch a ride soon. Happy sails!


Comment by: Visitor (3/19/2007 10:33:24 AM)
So happy to hear that Sylvia made it safe and sound. The WWOW sends regards and regrets that we couldn’t make this one of OUR activities! We live vicariously through you, Sylvia! We know you’ll do us pround. Judy O’Vetrick

Comment by: Visitor (3/18/2007 11:04:09 AM)
Enjoy seeing all the pictures. We need to see the fish. have a great time. Rick (slgnasty@aol.com)

Comment by: Visitor (3/17/2007 5:17:00 PM)
Well, who’da thunk it!  You’re guys are off and floatin’.  Thanks for keeping this land locked soul abreast of life at sea.  Had to call 911 for Bob Thursday night.  He hasn’t figured out that you can’t play golf all afternoon, not eat and then take 45 units of insulin.  He was totally incoherent when I got home but with a little hit of glucose, the rescue guys had him as good as new in short order.  Life goes from long hours of tedium and drudgery to moments of sheer terror in zero to 60.  Sara is moving from Jane Magazine to Good Housekeeping as the Special Features Editor.  May be on her way to Ecuador with Dan in a few days for a little vacation before starting her new job.  Am loving the log you guys are keeping.  May you have smooth seas and gorgeous sunsets all the way.  Have a tropical drink for me…something sweet with one of those little umbrellas.  Susan @ slyle49@aol.com 

Comment by: Visitor (3/16/2007 1:40:48 PM)
Jim and Martha, great job on the website.  It is really enjoyable to be able to follow your adventure.  I can only imagine how much fun you are having.  Maryellen and I got married 2/23 and Bob painted the car.  Jim, I have not forgotten the information you need.  It is that time of year.  Continued Fun for you both.   Irby

Comment by: Visitor (3/14/2007 12:13:34 PM)
Hey Jim and Martha.  Seems like you are having the time of your lives.  If you can, please post a few pictures of those big fish you’ve been catching and consuming?  Keep up the good work, love the site.  jazinger@azingergolf.com

Comment by: Visitor (3/13/2007 1:43:27 PM)
Message to Sylvia Hope you arrive aboard the Special Blend today as planned. Keep us updated on your adventures. Bob and Carol

Comment by: Visitor (3/12/2007 9:11:56 PM)
Hi  Jim and Martha, I stopped by your place late last week and walked around the house. Every thing looked ok. We are following your adventure every day. Have a great time and live the dream.Love you. Bud &Nancy. My email is bbi44@hotmail.com 

Comment by: Visitor (3/12/2007 7:43:45 PM)
Hi, you two.  we’re really enjoying the pictures and especially reading the captain’s log.  jim, i think you need to write a book about this trip. hope the weather is great.  stay safe, have fun. tell sylvia hello whenever she boards.    linda & larry

Comment by: Visitor (3/12/2007 2:15:28 PM)
Just saying hey from Naples.  Looks like the trip is everything you wanted.  I heard the song Honky Cat the other day and immediately thought “Have you hugged your fish today?”  Watch out for pirates and take care.  Corey and Odell.

Comment by: Visitor (3/11/2007 8:21:20 PM)
Hey we are back from San Francisco. What a beautiful city and so big. Sounds like you adventure is going well. Love the photos. Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (3/11/2007 11:09:18 AM)
To borrow from Jimmy Buffett, “Yes, I am a pirate, 200 years too late. The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothin’ to plunder, I’m an over 60 victim of fate; Arriving too late, arriving too late”. Live your dream.
Take care & have a cold one for me.  Jay

Comment by: Visitor (3/9/2007 12:23:59 AM)
Hi there you two, just received your pix of you, Jim and Christy. The ocean looks beautiful.  Norm and I have moved to Seattle Washington.  I had a job opportunity that I thought sounded exciting.  We packed up all our things in TN, rented our lovely home and the 6.5 acres, found my dog, Molly, a home with friends in the country, and headed for the paradise of the northwest USA. My new job started on Feb.5th, and we are barely settled into a tiny rental in West Seattle. As we have learned this area of the country is quite liberal. I am the home care manager for all of Swedish Hospitals three campuses. We have an average census of around 650 plus patients, and because of scarce staffing, we end up having to outsource a number of patients that we would like to be able to keep.  Lots of challenges, but a great new team to work with.

I was so excited to hear from you.  Our new address is PO Box 80442, Seattle, WA 98108.  Our “tiny” rental is located in an area of W. Seattle called Alki Beach.  We are a short block and a half from Puget Sound and a view of the Olympics that is spectacular. We doubt that we will buy in this area because houses, and I mean small hourse with maybe a one car garage go for $500,000 plus on postage stamp lots.  It is unbelievable. Norm has a fun job in retail at a place called REI. Their headquarters are located in Seattle. They sell anything to do with recreation outside…camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoes, ksyaks, etc. He used to work for them when he was in the Navy in Washington, DC.  Anyway, things are good.  Matt and Bethney live in Burbank, CA.  Bonnie and Allan, Hadley and soon a new grandson live in Columbia, MD..   & Liesl is still in Jacksonville working for the FAA. Wish I had a great picture to send, but I will work on that. So good to feel connected again.  Much love, would love to be on that beautiful “Special Blend.” with you all.  Tons of love from your best, best, friend…miss you…Carol xx

Comment by: Visitor (3/8/2007 9:18:45 PM)
This is not to the crew but to all of you that are following us. We are at an internet cafe’ and I just wanted to say HI! TO ALL. We love reading the notes from you, keep them up. Look forward to sharing all of it when we get back.

Comment by: Visitor (3/8/2007 9:10:37 PM)
Love you Guys so much

Comment by: Visitor (3/8/2007 11:19:13 AM)
Ola, Glad you are enjoying the speakers.  Zachary scans were good.  He goes back April 21 for more scans.  Your web site is # 1 with us.  It is so great to be able to keep up with your travels.  It sounds amazing.   We check the web site often for pictures & updates, keep up the good work.  But most of all enjoy the susets and the nights of the moon on the open sea.  Love, Frank & Myrtle

Comment by: Visitor (3/6/2007 11:16:43 PM)
Not to be totally outdone by you naval guys, we are off to Santa Fe tomorrow for a long weekend.  Then the Legal Eagle and Nancy will stop by here for a visit the first week of April.  We will have to catch up on your logs when we get back.  Have fun, be careful, and take fotos of those island girls for me.  Love, Andy & Tina

Comment by: Visitor (3/6/2007 8:49:49 PM)
Jim and Martha-
What an amazing adventure!  Travis has been forwarding all of your updates/logs to me.  My wife Debbie and I have been reading them with great fascination and we will look forward to following you along all year.    I wish we could fill those crew spots in New Zealand later this year!
You’re definitely in a better place than we are here.  We have high winds this evening, but they are linked with temperatures below 0F.  The high temperature was 2F today, one of the coldest days of the winter!  We won’t get much of a break until Friday, so if you want to complain about anything less than perfect weather……think of us first!
Doug and Debbie Kranich,  Millinocket, ME  (photographer at Travis and Holly’s wedding)

Comment by: Visitor (3/6/2007 12:42:16 PM)
Sounds like all is going well and safe. Barbara and I are back in Rhode Island for a week. Temp is 10degrees and wind gusts to 40 mph. Back to keys and fishing Thurs. Great to read your trip e mails etc. Enjoy and be safe!
Regards, John and Barbara Kourtesis

Comment by: Visitor (3/5/2007 7:14:08 PM)
Oh, you adventurers.  Be careful on the p-deck, and there are several things that are not reccommended for doing into the wind.  And try not to drop the drain plug or any engine parts overboard (even the small ones can play an important role toward a successful trip).  Olay, that’s the limit of our nautical knowledge and advice.  love, Tina & Andy 

Comment by: Visitor (3/5/2007 11:06:43 AM)
Jim and Martha, Just a note to let you both know we are thinking of you. You also have our prayers for a continued safe trip. Dennis & Joyce- Long Keys Condos

Comment by: Visitor (3/1/2007 5:27:57 PM)
Ola, so glad you have learned to speak spanish.  That will be a big help in your travels.  Gosh its great being able to keep up with y’all.  Everyone is enjoying your adventure.  Enjoy the sunsets.  Love,  Myrtle & Frank

Comment by: Visitor (2/28/2007 4:16:09 PM)
Great pictures/website.  We’re so envious.  So glad you guys are having such a great time. Stay safe, Larry and Linda (lindawray@verizon.net)

Comment by: Visitor (2/28/2007 1:20:26 PM)
Howdy    Jim    and    Martha    We    just    love    hearing    from    you    and    tracking    your    location.    Love    Ya,    Nancy            and    Bud

Comment by: Visitor (2/28/2007 1:09:05 PM)
Greetings from the Space Coast, Lauri and I continue to enjoy our vicarious ‘ride’ with you via your website.  Ed, Hughanne, Bob (my brother) & Debby have joined your growing list of trip fans.  Lesley is doing a superb job of keeping us updated.  Be safe but have fun.  Our love & prayers are ever present shipmates of you both.   Love, Lauri, Mike & Boomer

Comment by: Visitor (2/28/2007 11:51:44 AM)
Hey Jim and Martha, just got the website from Steve H.  Glad to hear and see that you all seem to be having a blast.  Adam Wright, Laurel Oak CC

Comment by: Visitor (2/26/2007 7:46:30 PM)
Ola Lyle’s………The Cook’s are on their way to SanFrancisco. We’ll be back in two weeks. If you need us we will  be on the Pacific where your headed. Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (2/23/2007 9:13:03 PM)
Hey Memaw and Graddaddy I hope you all are having the time of your lives i miss you so much
Love Brad

Comment by: Visitor (2/23/2007 3:44:50 PM)
Hi Jim and Martha,  Bob and I just want to wish you a wonderful time.  We think of you everyday and miss you.  Things are going well for us too.  Love, Bob and Bonnie (keysgatorbk@aol.com)

Comment by: Visitor (2/23/2007 8:40:05 AM)
Hi Jim and Martha from your forever neighbors! We are enjoying following your adventure and know you are having a ball. Think of us here in Polk County scratching out a living once in a while! Great website by the way. I suspect the girls had a lot to do with that. Keep us posted. Love, the Davis gang 

Comment by: Visitor (2/22/2007 2:28:35 PM)
Wish we were there. Sounds like you guys are taking to the sea well. There will be so many memories. Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: Visitor (2/21/2007 5:19:50 PM)
Jim and Martha…..glad to see you are living it up on the great seas.  Better you than me.  Do you remember me panicking behind your boat in the Keys, many many years ago looking for lobster.  I would DIE if I would have to travel by boat.  Glad you guys like it though.  Me…I will fly!!  Your long lost daughter Jolie Runyan

Comment by: Visitor (2/21/2007 10:08:25 AM)
Wow! I want to be with you.  We just got back from NY.  We had the biggest snow storm on 2/14.  Jm you would have loved NY the 12 days we were there the tem. never was higher than 20.  Lovr the web site. Great Job.  Now we can all share your dream. Lots of beautiful sunsets. Love  Frank & Myrtle

Comment by: Visitor (2/20/2007 11:32:43 AM)
Hope ya’ll doing well.  Looks like your having fun.  Jim, you are looking like Salty Sol. We’re holding down  the fort. Your so fortunate to have such a great crew.   Joe, Cheryl,& Staff WSB

Comment by: sritzko@aol.com, (2/19/2007 10:55:08 PM)
Glad to hear you made it across boss.  Several our good customers and friends are following the dream.  Take care and remember not to throw the rods in the water in celebration of catching the fish!
Be safe, Steve Hritsko

Barbie showed us your site today.  So, we too will watch your adventures!  Sailing across to Mexico is something we always wanted to do but never followed thru.  Congratulations on following your dream!  Christy, we will expect some first hand info when you get home.  Love & Best Wishes to All, Tracy & Linda

Cap’n Jim, I realize you are waiting to hear from me. Just let me know where you should pick me up? So happy for all of you. My WHOLE family is following the website. You’re an inispiration to all. Miss you much. All my love: Liz

Comment by: Visitor (2/19/2007 2:28:22 PM)
Mexico survived the Lyle’s! Keep up the good work! Tom and Nadia

Comment by: jay_whitworth@hotmail.com, (2/19/2007 1:48:04 PM)
Avast there. Sounds like a ball, so keep your powder dry & I’ll follow y’all with great interest. Jay

Comment by: Visitor (2/19/2007 9:51:34 AM)
Thanks for keeping me in the loop at to the whereabouts of my long time friend miss christy and my second family.  I’m so excited for you all.  This has been a long time coming.  How exciting.  I’m jealous.  If I quit my job can I get a job at crew?  Ha!  Have a great trip and keep posting the photos.  Now I’d really like to see a photo of Christy and her new amigos in town.  -Carla

Comment by: Visitor (2/18/2007 3:50:43 PM)
This is prety good jim.  Keep everyone posted.  Everything on track at work.  Hamed

Comment by: Visitor (2/18/2007 12:37:24 PM)
Great to hear from you all.  Looking forward to hear about your adventures.  Stay
safe and stay intouch.  xo Jean and Frank Clontz

Comment by: coletrain53@comcast.net, (2/17/2007 3:33:15 PM)
Hi Guys, I am so glad to hear things are going well.  I know you are having a blast.  Love to you all, Kay, Cliff & Cole

Comment by: Visitor (2/17/2007 3:27:13 PM)
Hi Crew – the website is awesome and we’re really having fun following your escapades.  I’ve got a “book” in the works.  Enjoy!  Mike and Lauri

Comment by: Visitor (2/17/2007 10:31:13 AM)
Mucha buena fortuna.  Espero que tengas un buen tiempo durante tu viaje.  Quiza estaremos con ustedes algun dia.  Hasta luego, Eleanor

Comment by: k6452@aol.com, (2/17/2007 9:26:12 AM)
I am happy to see 3 of you made it across safe.This morning we had frost.$.

Comment by: Visitor (2/16/2007 6:10:11 PM)
I hope you don’t kill each other. What a wonderful trip. Love your Captain’s log.

Comment by: Visitor (2/16/2007 5:07:26 PM)
Dear Capt. and crew,  I have been keeping up with you on your way to Mexico, glad to hear that it was relativly smooth.  David Burry

Comment by: Visitor (2/16/2007 3:35:40 PM)
Sounds like you got off to a rocky start. But now it’s great. I bet it’s really really beautiful. We’re so glad it’s going well.  What a great adventure…..Enjoy the sunsets………Barbara and Hootie

Comment by: flgrn@aol.com, (2/16/2007 1:39:32 PM)
Just remember: Starboard is right. Port is left. Don’t spit into the wind. And most of all…follow that dream!
Tahiti seriously? I wasn’t consulted on this adventure. Meet you in Newport, CA while in Anaheim for the GCSAA next week.

Comment by: ward@southerndunes.com, (2/16/2007 10:42:43 AM)
Ahoy mates.  Dont eat the worm!

Comment by: Visitor (2/16/2007 2:50:55 AM)
Bon Voyage..Hasta La Vista…Have a great trip. Stay safe and take lots of pics. I know all of you must be very excited.
Good luck and may all your seas be calm.