2007 Itinerary

Itinerary for “Special Blend” 2007

I am going to us the term “Itinerary” loosely. Jim made this Itinerary back during the summer and a lot has changed since then. But I thought it would be nice if we all kinda knew where they might be. There are still crew spots available just let us know!

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Cruse Area

Crew List

February 2007

Florida Keys to Cancun Mexico

Jim, Martha, and Christy

March 2007

Belize and Roatan, Honduras

Jim, Martha, and Picking up Syliva and Dick in Roatan

April 2007

Panama and Canal Zone

Jim, Martha Syliva, and Dick

April 20,  2007

Galapagos Islands

Jim, Martha and Syliva
Holly will be flying in to the Galapagos to make the crossing.  Miss Syliva will be flying home

May-July 2007

French Polynesia

Jim, Martha and a Crew Change.  Holly and Travis will switch in The Marquesas Islands.  Then Christy& Brad will be taking turns as barnacle scrapers.  Are there Pearls in Barnacles? …That’s what Jim told us!  He said it would be much cheaper than buying pearls.

August 2007

Cook Islands

Jim, Martha, and looking for more Barnacle Scrapers

September 2007

American Samoa/
Kingdom of Tonga

Jim and Martha
Mary Ann

October 2007

Kingdom of Tonga

Jim, Martha, Mike and Lauri Griffin

November 2007

Turn South and go to New Zealand

Jim, Martha, Mike and Lauri Griffin

November 2007

Put boat in Dry Dock and Fly home for a while    


   MAY 1 2008                        FLY TO NEW ZEALAND     JIM AND MARTHA