2008 Leave a Message

2008 Leave the Crew a Message

Comment by: Visitor (5/3/2009 7:46:10 PM)
Ok you world travelers! I guess you won’t be able to contract the flu!  Good, one less thing we have to worry about.  Jim, hope all is well with you and your body! Martha, keep him in line!!! Stabilizers??? Wait, didn’t we hear about them every day for months???? Looking forward to your reports, observations and photos. Love, T & N (ya, know, the Yankees from CT)

Comment by: Visitor (5/3/2009 5:16:50 PM)
Hello all, Special Blend here. Jim, Martha, and Holly are well, no sniffles.Having a good time again with “Priscilla” and “Adelia” They will go their separate ways in a few days.
Tomorrow..Tuesday we will go into the water. Then to another marina to have the stabilizers worked on YES AGAIN!!!
Ground touring for us on the train.
Much love to all, Please keep us up to date on all of you

Comment by: Visitor (3/19/2009 7:56:13 PM)
Ejoyed reading about your trip, the “Admiral’s view” and your sense of humor!!
Hope you contnue writing about your future travels.
Some of us would appreciate a “catagory” hearing more about how you feel this boat is performing. Is bigger better, essential equipment, suggestions on gear/systems, etc. in your travels so far. 

Comment by: Visitor (3/2/2009 11:16:58 PM)
It’s been about 3+ years now since we took the USCG Captain’s test in Bartow.  I have long wondered how things were going with you and the new “boat”.  I just talked with Nat and he found this website and passed on the information.  

Sounds like everything is going great for you and the crew.  I’m living just north of the “special blend” business in the south end of the county.  If you still have the Nextel number, beep me sometime.   I’m retired now so I have plenty of time on my hands.  I think.

Charlie F.

Comment by: Larsen, Paul & Braia (2/18/2009 10:04:54 PM)
Hi Jim &Martha. Just received a small events notice that Jim has a new part. Hope all is well. We would like more detail if not to guesome. Regards Paul & Braia

Comment by: Visitor (10/13/2008 7:31:30 PM)
Hi Jim &Martha We have been following your adventures and articles.Jim, Im 3wks out of total hip replacement and feel better already.Advise– dont delay the inevitable.Love Paul&Braia  channelvista

Comment by: Visitor (9/25/2008 10:50:58 PM)
Hello from St. Louie! All is well here. Wanted to check in with you. Big Daddy Jim you had my sides aching from your posted stories. Too funny! Hope your hip eases up some. I haven’t talked to Hol very much lately she’s a busy girl but I’ll catch up with her. Ms. Martha I’ve been thinking of you. Kel, mom, and I are going to see the Color Purple at the Fox theatre. Can’t Wait! Alex is doing great in school…they say he’s a leader and a role model..wish they could see him when he wakes up in the morning. LOL. Leyla is sassy as ever and started dance…she’s her Aunt Christy’s superstar…jazz hands and all. Life is good, found a new place and can’t wait to move in! It’s about twice the size of my flat and the kids’ get their own room. Love you so much. Thinking of you both. How’s the FRICKIN birds????? love yas! Liz

Comment by: Visitor (9/24/2008 9:57:59 AM)
We expect you to write a book on your adventures. Better yet, how about a movie! Enjoy reading your logs and viewing pictures. Tom and Nadia

Comment by: Visitor (9/21/2008 3:24:46 PM)
Thank you for sharing your adventures.  The underwater pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!

Comment by: Visitor (9/4/2008 2:45:31 PM)
I am enjoying the Tales of the South Pacific, let us know your destination. I have tried to contact you via email but to no avail, it just will not work for me at specialblend@msn.com. Fair winds and following seas. David Burry

Comment by: Visitor (8/11/2008 10:43:59 PM)
Hello Jim and Martha, Abby and Susan here, we just returned home from a visit with Holly. Thank you so much for your wonderful family and for sharing the Keys with us. Holly set us up to follow your travels………hope all is well, I am sure you are both happy to be at sea. Susan

Comment by: Visitor (8/6/2008 9:56:58 PM)
Hi Folks, this is hull 43/12 Bill and  Ruth on Tautaug, following with intrest your troubles, great patience  with all s’uppliers, but what can you do.Did wesmar  say what caused the leakage ?am  still waiti’ng for window  frame repairs ,did they fix yours? Streech said they will take care of us , met him at’ the rendzvous i’in RI last month    .best to’ you

Comment by: Visitor (8/5/2008 8:48:53 PM)
Brad is home…safe, sound and very sleepy. 

We wish you safe travels, Mom and Dad!  Have fun and enjoy the sun. I love you and thank you for the New Zealand Holiday Tour!   Yep…it was good.

Christy and Brad

Comment by: Visitor (8/1/2008 1:10:41 PM)
Hello Darlings! I haven’t written in so long and I’m missing you all so much. I hope things get better and you TRULY get to leave New Zealand…before they kick you out. LOL. All my best. I’m keeping in close touch with Holly girl. I’m still figuring out the damn skype! Chrimony. All is well here. Mom has beautiful curls back, sister is doing great, Dad might be working out of Seattle for a bit, Matt and I are moving forward with wedding plans-Oct 3, 09. Leyla, Alex and Lillie, have been lots of fun this summer…and the summer’s almost gone! Alex starts school along with big sister this year…very exciting. Love you all. Kiss brad-man for me and big Daddy Jim. Love Liz

Comment by: Visitor (7/24/2008 4:30:59 PM)
enjoy your sight       mike from trawlerfest

Comment by: Visitor (7/23/2008 12:35:36 PM)
Hey Brad!
Hope your having fun!
Sorry about you ipod, that really sucks.
Love the pictures! I haven’t seen you or talked to you in so long! Can’t wait to see you when school starts!

No you didn’t miss anything, I did not have surgery. It was my friend who did. But thankyou for the concern. lol Hope to talk to you soon.


Comment by: Visitor (7/11/2008 11:51:25 PM)
Gee Jim….You have been an inspiration and pleasure to have been associated with.
I really hope things get better and the maintenance list gets smaller…only two years old…..

May all the oceans be smooth, the beer cold and the mechanics trucks upright!!!

Take care of yourself, Martha and Brad, and let SPECIAL BLEND take care of you all.

With the best regards
Charlie from you know where!!!!!!

Comment by: Visitor (7/7/2008 9:09:02 PM)
Liked the Captain’s comment about being “plucked”. We understand! Better days to follow! Tom and Nadia

Comment by: Visitor (7/3/2008 10:13:12 AM)
Hi Brad,
Looks like you will be on your way to Fiji soon-Yeah!! Love seeing your pictures-it is good to see your face, we miss you a ton!
Hope you all have a wonderful & safe trip over to Fiji-if we win the lotto this week we will meet you there-Ha!
Much Love,
Tiffany & Albert

Comment by: Visitor (6/17/2008 9:48:23 AM)
As I sit in my office in Downers Grove I imagine how I would fare — facing what you folks are about to do. My idea of a crossing is taking our boat from Deer Lake to Big Stone, park and skip across the road to Briggs Bar. I admit it’s not glamorous then again I did the same thing a few short months ago on a snowmobile.

Christy — I want that 360 degree picture and while you’re at it, have a beverage out of a coconut in honor of your Northern friends.


Comment by: Visitor (6/13/2008 3:33:23 PM)
Down with Wesmar – they suck!!


Comment by: Visitor (5/26/2008 7:26:16 PM)
Hey mom and dad!  We are packing…Brad and I are about to pop with excitement.  It is funny to pack long johns and bikinis in the same bag!  See you soon!

Comment by: Visitor (5/23/2008 3:17:51 PM)
Hi Guys
Wishing you all the best from The Cove, Taupo, Safe Sailing.
Kind Regards

Comment by: Visitor (5/6/2008 12:52:43 AM)