More to come!

Jim and Martha spent 6 months exploring the United States From Florida, out West to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Lot of fun tales and pictures to come.

Day 5

Leaving Galveston Tx Headed to San Antonio, the Hidden Valley RV Park. Finally will be there 2 nights, maybe can wash cloths & my hair. Martha

Day 4

April 17, 2014 Crossing the Mississippi in Baton Rouge. Headed to Galvaston ,Texas! Everything is going well! I have not had time to take out big cameras. iPhone and ipad photos so far:-)) much love to all M     Galveston, TX Dallanera RV Park We are right on the beach at Dallanera RV Park. We can look …

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Day 3

April 17, 2014 New Orleans, LA French Quater RV Park We were 3 blocks from Bourbon Street, right across street from “bone juice”* place! Nice walk thru a old spooky parking lot! Martha * back 10 years ago the Girls went on a cemetary tour. It stated raining…and I mean buckets. We all had on …

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Day 2

Day 2 Blackwater State Park Holt, FLorida This is where Jim’s cousin, Bob Barlow was a park ranger for years. Beautiful park, with great sites. A bit of a learning curve on how to move around, cook, shower and get dressed, but we’re getting there. We are headed for New Orleans to the French Quater …

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Day 1

    Fanning Springs FL When we got to Trenton, Jim remembered when he was little he was here selling watermelons, and took a school bus to some springs with a high diving board. Myrtle also had taken a bus to the same springs and they were able to remember together together. Fun time with …

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All is Good

Still in the Queensland bush/outback. Last night we were in Carnarvon Gorge in a wilderness lodge. Kangroos and wallaby’s at the front door. We did about a 3 mile walk into the gorge….the easy one… it was beautiful. This morning we are headed back to Brisbane….but…just got a call. Boat will not be shipped until …

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Long Day

we decided to drive N&W some more. Ended up in Rubyvale, fossicking for sapphires. The cows roam free thru the little town, if you want to keep them out of your yard, you have to fence. What a hoot. Holly it is about a half a hair better than Cooper Pedy. Not near the views …

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