2009 Barnacle Chronicles

The many adventures of the Barnacle Scrapers

Barnacle Chronicle #6

July 29, 2009 Barnacle Chronicle #6 Tonight we went to the Aore Resort’s Independence celebration. Tomorrow is Vanuatu’s Independence Day. So tonight the restaurant was having a buffet, music, and cus
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Barnacle Chronicle #5

July 28, 2009 Barnacle Chronicle #5 Dixon’s Reef Yesterday was like being in an episode of the show “LOST”. I woke up after wondering if I was still alive and my body was hurting like I had been in a
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Barnacle Chronicle #4

July 18, 2009 Barnacle Chronicle #4 Dad you have customers! We arrived in Havana Bay yesterday afternoon. We are between two islands. The side we are anchored off of the farming island and the other i
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Barnacle Chronicle #2

July 1, 2009 Barnacle Chronicle #2 You wouldn’t even believe the day I had! It was awesome…the people, the jungle, the ash field, the volcano, the market,and the truck ride that I can’t even describ
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Barnacle Chronicle #1

The part of Australia we are in (Queensland) looks like South Florida with mountains in the background. Just take out the Key Deer and add in Kangaroos. The weather has been great upper 70’s in the da
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