New Zealand May-Aug 2008

New Zealand May – Aug 2008 

Aug 4, 2008

11:45Am our time Mon 4th we are at the customs dock awaiting check out. Jim has gone in Whangarei to get our STUFF! Bruce from customs has already been here, a little bit of mis timing but we will (I think) get out today. There are about 6 other boats leaving today also, a couple more tomorrow, so we’ll have company out there. We;ll be about 6 or 7 days to Vanuatu. If weather does get back we can go to New Cal, it’s a little closer.

Hope to hear from Brad before he boards the plane, still not done crying everytime I think about leaving him on that dock. I know he had fun with the kids last night, they are a very interesting family.


Aug 3, 2008

We pulled away from Bayswater about 3:15, crossed the bay to the fuel dock and by 3:55 we were headed out of the channel. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. It’s about 3:45am and we’re about  9 1/2 miles to Whangarei. of couse we’ll hang out til dayligt before going in.

I cannot tell you how hard it was leaving Brad on that dock. Errol and Cherly came to say goodby also Peter.

Brad is supposed to call us when he gets to the airport think we’ll still have NZ cell couverage.

Will write more later


Aug 2, 2008

Plan R “the Newest Plan”

Jim says now he thinks we will leave sometime tomorrow, we will pull away from Bayswater around noon, cross the bay to Auckland top off the fuel, see what the weather is like at that point and start heading for Whangarei. Brad will stay here with S/V Azule, Diane will get him to the airport on Monday. He has all our #’s with him so he can touch base with us before he leaves. I can’t seem to stop crying, I sure will miss him.
We had dinner with Peter and Angela (N-47 Southern Star) they took us to a cute little pub–good food. They are the only Nordhavn here in Auckland.
We’ll keep you updated as we move along—- that is if we do indeed leave. Changes by the hour.


Aug 1, 2008

Plan Q  “The new Plan”

We are planning to leave New Zealand our Monday Aug 4th. Looks like a weather window will open up and we’re going for it. We will leave Auckland on Sunday and check out of Whangarei on Monday. Brad has decided not to do the passage with us, he has to start school on the 18th so he will leave here on Monday also. Gosh am I going to miss him! He will be a junior this year and it’s important he not miss any school.
Our plans are to head for Vanuatu, and leave Fiji for next season. Just too late in the year to try for it all. Beside “Priscilla” will be there and they are already cheating on us with another Nordhavn.
Keeps us in your thoughts and we will update often thru Lesley, Christy and Holly. They will update the web site.
Please send us emails to keep it short, no attachments as it will kick them out. we do love hearing from all of you.

JULY 30 2008


We are still sitting at the dock at the Bayswater Marina it is close to 10:00pm our time, it is raining and the wind is blowing 30 to 40 kts.
Jim and I went to immigration today to extend our visa as it expires on the 4th, got soaked going and coming.  We might get a weather break on Monday, but we’ll have to check the long range forecast to be sure we can make the passage to Fiji or Vanatu. Another boat here is also looking at the same window so we’d have a travel buddy.. our cruising time is running out so we do hope to get out and gone.
We are all doing great Jim wants to fish, Brad wants to surf and I want someplace warm!


July 21, 2008

Monday in NZ

We are at the Bayswater Marina in Auckland, looks like we will be here until (maybe) Thurs. We are looking at buying a new dink (another hole in the hard bottom) almost didn’t get it loaded back on the boat so much water. It was a real challenge docking Special Blend today 34 knot wind blowing across the open bay it wasn’t the prettiest we’re ever done but no holes in boat and dock is still standing. The view is beautiful.
We took the ferry over across the bay to the city had lunch in the mall, Brad had Mickey D’s he was happy. I am at the marina computer place, don’t have wifi at the  boat, maybe we can get here at a good time tomorrow and try to scype, just not very private.
 Did you get the pix I sent, I will try to send some more before we leave. Brad has gotten so big and manly looking.  He dropped his ipod in the dish water last night, it croaked! He is bummed. 


July 21, 2008


Well I just don’t know what to say, we are going into the marina where Cheryl and Errol are in a few, 9:00am our time. (YOU DO KNOW WE DIDN’T LEAVE YESTERDAY) Need to check the weather window if we can’t leave soon we are going to have to by-pass Fiji this year, new rules state cannot re-enter Fiji for 9 months. We would rather wait and go in June instead of going now and only getting to stay a couple of weeks then not be able to go back next year.

We have been at anchor for 2 nights, good to be out. got the dink in the water, Brad got to run around in circles.

We are a little down at the fact we might not get to leave soon.  at least we have another view of the bridge and sky tower. Maybe at the marina we can have internet service. 

We will let you know what our plans are just as soon as we know.


July 20, 2008

Back to Plan A

We got a call just before we were to leave for Whangarei telling us we could not check out and get our STUFF on Sunday.  SO we are anchored at one of the island out from Auckland. Monday we will check the weather and decide if we should stay here or try for Fiji. We were all ready to leave, had our minds set to go.  

OH WELL!! Jim and Brad are going to fish tomorrow, maybe we’ll move to another location, we’ll see


July 18, 2008

Change of Plans

As usual the Lyles have changed plans AGAIN!!!!!! Jim checked waves, wind, weather. We are heading out of Auckland, will be in Whangarei tomorrow,  check out and head to Fiji. He doesn’t think we need to wait on the part to come here we really can do without it, just no 10k radar, we do have the other one. Weather might be a little rough at times but if we wait another few days it might be weeks.
Will keep you updated you know every second is a new plan

July 18, 2008

Tomorrow (your Friday) we are going to leave here and go to some of the beautiful island around Auckland. We will have wifi till we leave, then ocens email after mid morn here. We are waiting on a part that is coming from Australia should be here around Tues. weather window is not good for us to head out for someplace else.

Brad and I went into the skytower today, WOW!!! what a view we could see the boat not sure if we got any good pix, today was very overcast and somewhat foggy. Tonight we went back to that area and had Mexican, not great but ok! Jim and Brad have a hot game of cards going then we’re settling in for a movie.
it really is nice to have the generator going so we can have heat off and on.


July 17, 2008

Purring Generator

The new unit is in and working great, I even got to do a load of wash tonight. YEAH!!! ………BUT………. in trying to load up the batteries we blow the power supply for the electronics, tomorrow project, also the aircondition man is coming to check out the salon unit, not working right.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can be out of here still in a few days.
Brad went to the sky tower today he said it was a great view. I took a taxi into the city, had to look for another Nikon battery, the one I brought extra would not charge, didn’t want to just have one. The city area has the New York feel to it.. wish my foot was better so I could enjoy the walk around. OH WELL!!  Tonight we are warm for the first time in several days. We’re smiling.

July 15, 2008

we are in the downtown Auckland area. really pretty, there are thousands of sailboats moored around today we got to witness a boat being launched that Errol and his son helped build. A 70 footer and they parked her right beside us, she’s a bute!

They got the generator pulled out today and the new one is sitting on the back, tomorrow they will lift it in, then it will be a day or so to reconnect all the stuf.

Brad and I have been playing with my new camera and tripod tonight, think Brad has a new love.

weather has been better, still cold and we have no heat till everything gets done, or trip here was so nice, we had two perfect days on the water our night at anchor sure did feel good the bay was breath taking. will try to send pix. we don’t have real good wifi.


July 14, 2008

we had the greatest day on the water FINALLY got to do what we came here to do. We left Whangarei before daylight fog was heavy, had to take it slow. By the time we got to the point in the river where Channel Vista B & B is it was clear enough to see Paul and Braia and their grandson bidding us farewell. We had calm seas and sunshine the whole day. We are on the east coast of New Zealand in the Bon Accord Harbor at Kawau Island.  The cove we are in is breathtaking, and had a great sunset to boot. Jim and Brad fished, but no catching.

We are about 3 hours from Auckland, we spoke with Errol (Ivey-Ruby) he and Cheryl are there. They made reservations for us at the marina where they are staying. They will join us for dinner on the boat tomorrow night. We hope the workers will start on the generator in the next day or so. We’ll let you know our plans when we know.


July 13, 2008

tomorrow just about daylight we’ll be heading out of Whangarei, we think the tide will be right so we can be on our way, it will be more than a day trip, we hope to anchor at an island out from Auckland tomorrow night. We’ll see how things go, we do know how to go in circles.

Don’t know exactly how long we will be there, we’re hoping not over a week. Then we’ll reevaluate time and go from there.


July 10, 2008

In the Water

We went out and back in the water again. Stabilizers are fixed and working. We will be heading to Auckland Sun or Mon to have a new generator installed. Yep we’re on the move, just not very far. We have been having issues with the generator ever since we got in the water. Was decided today we either needed to spend a lot more time working on it or going to Auckland and having a new one intalled. Tony made the call and they have one in stock, will take about a week to get it done. Then we’ll decide where we’ll go from there. It’s news just not great news. Of course we are very disapointed not to be heading for Fiji, but that will come, just not next week.

Tonight we went to a going away part for Sharon, the lady in the office at Dockland 5. Great food, fun people. There were 3 teenage girls for Brad to visit with. All is good.


July 9, 2008

First Day

We had a good first night on the boat, of course Jim snored.  Brad got to stretch all the way out.  He didn’t wake up until 11:30am. Tomorrow they will pull us out again at noon. Tony will be here and we’ll get then fin replaced.

When Jim opened the emails this am, the computer shut down and went to the blue screen, lost all the emails, we had 4 or 5. So please pass along to resend them.


July 8, 2008

Hey we are in the water, will be out again tomorrow or Fri. Starboard stabilizer is now leaking. Tony took one back to Auckland to be reworked, then he’ll bring it back and re install. We are staying on the boat tonight. The generator is working so we have heat. Jim is going to install a new water pump tomorrow so we can have water, guess we can’t have it ALL at once.
We are all good, I did have a melt down over the stabilizer leak, BUT I’m good.

July 7, 2008

Jim and Brad put the port stabilizer back in today, Tony from Auckland is coming tomorrow, we are supposed to go back into the water around noon. Then Tony can adjust them, Jim finally got the generator to start, we have to be in the water to run it. Still have to check out the water maker. Keep your fingers crossed everything goes well.


July 5 2008

As of 9am today we are back on the hard, yesterday as we were getting the SPECIAL BLEND ready to leave the first of the week we noticed water in the bilge, after some inspection realized it was coming in around the stabilizer. A quick call to Charlie at Dockland 5 to pull us back out and to Tony Westmar Stabilizer in Auckland, we would not be in Fiji next week.
We have had some very bad weather last night and today, cold ,rain ,high winds and hail. Tony hit a patch of hail and flipped his truck on his way to Whangarei. Could have been much worse, there are some really bad twist and turns and in someplaces no where to go but straight off a moutain. He was shaken up, few cuts and bruises, but he hopes to see us in a day or two.
So for now we are back at the Channel Vista B & B, fact is we never got all our things moved out of here yesterday, just a matter of unpacking our toothbrushes.
we will update as soon as we have an idea of just what we’re doing.
Much love to all,

June 28, 2008
We are still in New Zealand, SPECIAL BLEND is still on the hard. Christy flew home on the 25th not ever getting a night on the boat. We did have a wonderful tour around NZ. Christy and Brad did a 300ft repel into the Waitomo caves, and Brad did a roll down the hill in the Zorb ball.  We have been to the Tasman sea and the kauri forest on the west coast. Below Auckland to Hamilton, LakeTaupo and Rotaroua(the geothermal area). Many day trips North of Whangarei to the Bay of Islands. Christy and Brad also walked thru the Abby caves and toured the glow worm caves. We ate a lot, laughed much and enjoyed our time together in our 2 room B&B. Our car is a green “rent a dent” stationwagon. It was all it could do to climb the steep moutains and the fact that Jim drives 45miles an hour doesn’t help much. A 45 min trip took us a good 2 hours.
We have our fingers crossed that we will be in the water next week. We will still have to check out all the systems (watermaker, generator ect.) and make sure we have a good weather window, THEN we’ll head to Fiji.

Love to all,

June 20, 2008

We are so excited that we might get to leave here soon, the pres of westmar called Jim yesterday AM from the states just to be sure everything was going OK. We  guess you can call his cell phone from the USA, but I’m sure it is not cheap.
We have seen more beautiful country. Didn’t get the camper, we have stayed in some good and bad places. Do have some great pix, this internet service is too slow to try to send them.


June 20, 2008

HEY!!! we have been in the woods!  We are in a very nice, huge place tonight in Hamilton!  lots of room to stretch and no stinky couches.  We are headed to Waitomo caves tomorrow.  Brad and I are going to go down a 100 meter drop into the cave, I am so excited I may not sleep.  It is something I saw when I got here and realized it was too far away.  Here we are!  Brad and I suit up at 9:30 am.

It is soo Beautiful here.  We saw the Tazman Sea yesterday and it took my breath away.  Mom will send pictures soon.  I love you all and hope you are well, send me a note and hopefully we can skype in the am.


June 15, 2008

We had a great day, rain almost all day, but we didn’t let it stop the Lyles. Jim, Christy and Brad walked the trout stream, no fish. Came back wet and smelly. I sat like a good girl in the car with my foot up. Did get some classic photos of Christy.
 It will be Monday here so we sure hope to hear something on our stuff.
Last night we went to Reva’s after our big home cooked hamburgers to hear the local jazz group, they were quiet good. David and Gail (5th Season) joined us. Gail got up and sang with the group. She is just awesome.. if we are all here Tues (we will be) she is going to take her harp to Reva’s boatie night. play and sing. 


Christy’s view as it rains

Christy’s new look notice how L-O-N-G her legs are

Classy lady, in Jim’s pants and shoes and 4 layers on top. It was a bit rainy and cold

New Zealand in the misty rain Fathers Day 2008
Jim and Brad on trout stream


June 13, 2008

No word today on the stabilizers—- so here we are another week. Weather closes in for the next few days. Maybe well be good by the end of next week.
If we don’t leave soon, I’m afraid the boat will sink when it goes in the water. We think of new things everyday we NEED! I just want my foot better SOON, it still hurts. Today it has gotten to me. Tomorrow will be a better day. I even wrote to MR NORDHAVN today about how bad the lower level STINKS and in those words. It is so bad, eyes almost water in our bathroom. I have sprayed and wiped with everything I can find.

June 12,  2008

Hey girls, another day in NZ nothing special to write about, and NOTHING to take pictures of. Beautiful morning, rained and got cold the PM. Christy and I had lunch today at Reva’s in front of a roaring fire. Then hit the road in the cold rain to do some more provisioning.  Hope Special Blend doesn’t sink when we put her in the water. No word on the stabilizers today , maybe tomorrow.
Jim and Brad starting installing the new auto pilot got stopped by the rain, tomorrow AM should be good weather then we’re in for a couple of days of rain.
We scyped with SILKIE and PRISCILLA last night. Tom and Suzie should head for New Cali. in the next few days and invited Christy to join them if we don’t get out by next week. So she has a decision to make ——-does she want to snow ski or dive.

June 10, 2008

We had a good day, not so cold and no rain. Christy and I got more food on the boat, ordered the meat, and took cloths to the local laundry. We just could not get caught up. There are 2 washers and 1 dryer at the boat yard. Up and down the ladder. it’s an all day job just to get 2 loads done. Have to have tokens, $2.50 to wash and same to dry. Most loads need to run 2 or 3 times to dry. SO we didn’t spend any more having someone else do them for us. Having to wash everything on the SB ,it all smells like fuel, that is all getting better also.


June 9, 2008

We had a fun day drove North to the Bay of Islands. Got on a ferry from Opua to Russell ( maybe 5 min ride)  had lunch on the beach and in the car, it was windy and cold. NO RAIN today!
Jim spoke with the guy in Auckland maybe the stabilizers will be ready by the end of the week, then they have to be installed. Don’t see us getting out of here before the end of next week.
Christy and Brad went into a cave today (Glow Worm Cave)  this area is very different from everything else we’ve seen here in NZ, beautiful as well.

these formations were at the Glow Worm caves

really tall tree, make our little green “rent a dent” car look really small

Easy drive on the ferry

June 6, 2008

We are still here, no word on the westmars today. So we’ll be here at least thru next week. We are going to do some riding around the Northland tomorrow (Sat) I think Christy has decided it’s really to cold to dive.

We are working on the boat daily, new carpet is down looks good, also got some new covers for the salon pillows. Whole new look!

June 5, 2008

We didn’t get home til late, after 12:00AM your time. we started shopping for the boat today, non cold stuff, we’ll start vacuum sealing bulk stuff tomorrow.
 STILL don’t know when we will get in the water. Did get our carpet today and it looks good. can’t run vacuum  too much power for the batteries. at the moment Special Blend is just a mess stuff everywhere. The meat man “The Mad Butcher” will cut, wrap and freeze the meat for us, but will only hold it for one day. We need to be in the water to start running freezers and all.

Brad got a surf board today, he and Christy might do a scuba dive in the next day or so. I do hope we get away from here soon so Christy can get to Fiji in time to do something.

Erroll and his wife (Ivey Ruby) are coming to visit us on Sunday, will be good to see them again.

Still has been cold raining off and on. We’ll be so glad to leave and get warm.
Miss you all so much take care,

June 4, 2008

Christy’s welcome gift was sparkle long black cleaning glove w/”diamond” ring, & blue microfiber spong, Brad ,a plastic scraper with his name on it and his favoriate color (orange and blue) microfiber cleaning towels.

I did catch Christy on first day of work.

Jim tries to look happy about westmars

Whangarei Falls

85 foot drop

The falls were really beautiful. I didn’t get to walk around the falls. Christy and Brad went to the other side.

Miss all of you much, hope you are well.

June 3, 2008

Good day here got a lot done on the boat, things put away and more laundry. Still haven’t heard from Westmar, maybe tomorrow. We’re gearing up Christy for the call.

We went to the yatchies get together tonight at Reva’s, then on to Danger-Danger for dinner. Gail and Daivd (5th Season) joined us. Nice to catch up with them, they are leaving Monday headed back to Tonga and American Samoa for the season then back to NZ.

June 1, 2008

We are safe and sound!  We had a great time in LA yesterday…or the day before.  It is noon Sunday, June 1 here.  I can mark May 31 off of my calendar, I just skipped right over it.  That is so weird to me.  Anyway, hope you are well! I will have wi fi for about a week, so I can check aol email.  The boat wont be ready as soon as we hoped.  The good news is that I will be able to see more of NZ than I thought.  It is just gorgeous here!  Beautiful and cold. Most buildings do not have heat…Brrr!  I will be bundled up!   Take care…

June 1, 2008  

We have “the crew” with us in our 2 room apt. At the moment Jim  and Brad are duel snoring, and Christy is showering of airport crud.

We had a real foggy morning drive from Auckland to Whangarei Jim dun good we’re here safe and sound. Now the sun is out and our view is beautiful.

We hope to hear from the stabilizer people tomorrow if not we’re gonna sick Christy on them hopeing they’ll be glad to get our stuff soon and get her off their back.


May 31, 2008

Howdy we are in Auckland for the night, we’ll be at the airport  around 6AM to pick up the scrapers.
We talked with Tom and Suzie (Priscilla) last night, all they wanted to know—– was Christy bringing Betty Crocker garlic mashed potatoes.  Boy were they bumed when we told them NO! So Lesley that’s now your assignment!! OR Holly who ever comes first!

We had hoped to have dinner with Errol and Cherly (Ivey Ruby) but they are on their boat at one of New Zealands out island for the long weekend. It’s the Queens birthday you know!  Glad we came today, it did rain most of the day and coming round these moutains in the dark and rain is no fun. Hope tommorrow will be a pretty day so the crew can enjoy the sights. Probably be a week or so before the boat gets in the water.
Doing good foot hurts, I am going back to the Dr on Mon or Tues and see about a boot your right if I hit it or roll with a wave that will not be good.

May 28, 2008

We are at the boat IT IS NOT RAINING  and we have sun, we are so proud. Have gotten several things done today.

Jim has been able to pull stuff out of the garage and put it on the back porch and try to do some rearranging, first time we’ve been able to do this. I got the carpet ordered with a promise it would be ready by mid next week.

Have done more laundry AND been to the store to get ideas for stocking up. Still having foot and hand issues, (Martha slipped and fell..cut her hand and her foot is black and blue) will be better after a hand full of advil. So far no Betty Crocker instant potatoes, but I’m still looking I’m sure some store has some kind. My not be the REAL thing, but it’ll work.


May 27, 2008

Well it has rained all day long, and been cold (15*C). Jim and I were most of the day at the boat, hard to work outside. We did have to do some laundry. We also went to a carpet place to get some carpet cut for replacement on the boat. We THINK they’ll get I done.We certainly haven’t done anything exciting. We spent tonight flipping thru the TV channels (ALL 3) trying to find something great. NOT!!!


May 25, 2008

This is the place we are staying, the owners are such nice people, Christy she said if we were still here when you and Brad arrive she’ll make a place for you.
If it just wasn’t raining all the time it would be great. This AM it is sunny.
Hope all are well.

May 23, 2008

We are about 8 miles out of Whangarei in a cute little apartment in Onerahi.
The view is beautiful, one of the cleanest places I have ever been in, one bed, great bath , lot of windows, efficancy kitchen. Enough we can cook to full fill Jim’s home cooking needs.
All is good will still be another week or so before we can move on the boat. This does make it more comfortable.
Love to all


view out of back when raining

view out back door when NOT raining!

May 22, 2008

Good afternoon to you, we hanging out at “home” this AM. Jim was up at 5AM and is now back to sleep. His cold is really bad, he feels like crud but still going for the most part. I hope we stay around here long enough to talk. I’m sure as soon as he wakes he’ll be rairing to go.
Yesterday we drove to Auckland had a good trip, but, “it ain’t no fun” driving these moutains at night on the wrong side of the road. We were puckered the whole way home. It is not raining today and our view from here is beautiful.

May 21, 2008

It’s 6:00PM your time, Dad and I are going to Auckland to take the stabilizers to be repaired, Westmar has dropped the ball in our lap…. SO it’s our dollar if we want them fixed. The people say we can have them soon??????


May 20, 2008

We fished Lake Taupo on the “Stratus” with Marty Staines,( the lake is so clear and clean. Marty deep drops for trout, can’t use live bait at all. The air temp was -2*C and foggy when we got to the boat. Now you know Jim’s idea of fishing is in shorts, and no shirt. We had on everything we had in our suitcases. I had 5 layers on the top. We did fine and really enjoyed ourselves. In the distance we could see snow on a moutain top, steam vents from the active geothermal area, boiling water and mud. We caught several fish all but 2 had to go back, too small.

Jim did fish a stream and hooked a nice size trout and had several more bites. I was somewhere taking pictures of flowers!

Hope everyone is doing well, miss all.

note steam in the back, it is being harnessed.

snow in the background

wall carving

a bit foggy, -2*C…28*F

May 19, 2008

We are at the Kings Gate in Whangarei just for today, this PM we are going
to look at a place that we can unpack our bags for a few days.

Westmar stabilizer people are in a conflab about who is to do what. SOOOOO we are on the hard til the stabilizer holes have something in them. Hopefully within a week. The small fuel tank is being fixed, whole new bottom had to be welded
Yesterday in Auckland we found a shopping center, one of the Westfield
chains, it had a K-Mart. They had the most realistic prices we have seen
anywhere. Ashame it’s  so far away.


May 18, 2008

We have just gotten back from dinner with Gerald’s parents, what a lovely couple. We are staying the night in Hamilton and moving on to pick up boat parts in Auckland, then back “home” to Whangarei.
We have a new Zealand mobil phone”vodafone” not sure how to use yet.

We went trout fishing today we both got 1 keeper, had to release several that were too small. Lake Taupo is something to behold, 300 ft deep for most of it. 600 ft deep in the deepest part, 28 miles by 18 miles. It is a volcano crater. Water is clear as a bell. 

I have sent some pixs of NZ 

May 15, 2008

Yesterday we had breakfast and were leaving Tauranga(?) got on the wrong road out of town and low and behold I got whip lash, there was Rasa Manis on the hard right at the road side. We whipped around and drove into the boat yard. Jim got out to see if Tom or Ellen were around. Tom peeped his head out of the boat, boy was he surprised. Ellen was in town having coffee with Katie (ASLYUM). We spent a few minutes talking with Tom and decided to stay another night and visit with boating family. We went on a tour of a kiwi farm picked some fruit and went to the packing house. Learned all we ever want to know about packing and shipping kiwi. No wonder it cost so much in the US.

We went to Tom and Ellen’s house for dinner, they are right on the beach——my what a view. Brad they also surf here, don’t know if we’ll have time to come back or not.

I must say we were all surprised to see each other and just kept smiling and hugging.
We do miss all of you so and it was nice to visit our families here.

Take care and let us hear from you all.


May 14, 2008

We are in Tauranga, central east coast of NZ. Very nice area, the drive was outstanding scenery, was almost dark when we arrived, so we’ll look around here tomorrow and maybe move on ,who knows. Jim wants to fish and we are heading to some lake somewhere!

 I keep thinking there is something I have forgotten to do or say, just jitters of being away I guess. Things will settle down soon. We are still living out of the back of the car and suitcases. I’ll be glad when we can move home on the boat.

Well I have rambled on so I’ll say goodnight here————–good morning to you.


May 13, 2008

We just got back from dinner Bull on Bank, T-Bone night Jim was in heaven.
Last night we went to a Japanese place loved it also will take Christy and Brad
there. It has taken us this long to find good places to eat, and I did find
some warm cloths, NO jeans yet, may just wait on Christy.

Sure do miss talking to you all, I’ve had a bit of a lonely day, just
missing you,  tomorrow will be  better.

I got my flowers on Mothers day here and they are still beautiful. Hate to
leave tomorrow maybe they will still look good when we get back.

We will up date you as to where we are.


May 13, 2008

Dad and I are checking out of the hotel tomorrow, Tues your time, can reach us there until noon or after, your time, we are going to tour some by car. We’ll keep you posted as to where we will be. Will be a few days before the fuel tank and stabilizers will be put back, so dry dock till they do.

Hope all of you are well, please drop us a line or two often. We will have wifi on our trip (SOMEWHERE!)
Miss you,


May 12, 2008

We really have not been anywhere to ask about surf boards. We are going to take off tomorrow or next day. Maybe fly to south island( Christchurch)  and take
a train across to the other side, rent a car there and drive awhile. We will
let you know just what we are doing. and a # where someone can reach us.

The stabilizers are off the boat( really big holes there) bottom to be
painted, fuel tank has to go back in on and on.

So we’ll play for a few days, I can’t really do anything or organize until
everything gets back in order.

Miss all of you lots,


May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day, thanks for my incredible flowers, they are red roses, yellow roses, some kind of yellow lily and lot of different kinds of greens in a free form design.  Took lot of pix. will send them later.

We have the small fuel drop tank out of the boat has a hole in the middle of the bottom, no where near a fitting or seam, just a hole. That’s being patched, the bottom will be painted today or tomorrow, the stabilizer (westmar) people should be hear today—-maybe tomorrow. and Jim has a young guy working on the generator you know in one of the holes us old folk cannot contort to reach.
We hope to be in the water by the end of the week. got our fingers crossed anyway.

Let us hear from you soon. I’m on my way to buy some warm undies, I’m cold. OH! I did drive finally not too bad, just have to think and not be on auto.

Miss all of you,


May 11, 2008



I sure do miss all of you so, we are good, weather was great today, we took
a ride out to the coast. Brad we found a place for you to rent a surf board
and surf. That is if you don’t freeze.

This is a beautiful  country. We are going to a boaties cookout with Kip
and Denise tonight at their marina, think that is where we’ll go when we
finally get in the water. They are leaving for Fiji  tomorrow, it is about 
7 to 10 day trip. number of boats are leaving this week several will leave
about the time we do


May 10, 2008

Nothing to take pix of so far and no way to really send them, hopefully we will be in the marina sometime next week. Jim has lot of workers lined up for the first part of the week. He is pulling the small drop tank that he thinks the leak is in, not an easy job.


May 9, 2008

Hey there, our day is just beginning 8:30am and you day is almost done. 4:30pm the day before.??????????????? strange.

We are good, it’s been raining and cool, actually down right cold.
Christy will be glad when you get here with my jeans. I tried to by some in
a store that’s a lot like KMart. Those China people and me aren’t the same
size. Gonna look some place else.

I still haven’t driven, I’m chicken!!!

Jim got people lined up today to do some work on the boat, he has found
(THINK) the fuel leak and the drop tank has to be pulled out, THEN we need
Mike Griffin or Mike Duggan to come to wood repair!! Thank goodness it’s in
a spot no one will see, UNLESS the floor in the bedroom has to come up

Sure do miss all of you, talking every day was such a treat, just don’t
realize it when it is so easy.

Keep us posted on everyone, we still don’t have wifi to the boat, this is
at the hotel $2.00 for 15min in their lobby. I will get the address and
phone numbers here so if the need should arise you could leave us a message
here. Denise does have wifi where she is. Hopefully we can be there in a
week or so.


May 6, 2008

Finally got the Iridium phone working think the antenna was not hooked up right. We rented a car (rent-a-dent) for the month. Not pretty but it runs.

Jim is still looking for the fuel leek. I have put almost everything away I can for the moment now I am washing cloths that have been sitting for 6 months. Guess those stains on Jim’s shirts are set for good.

I am going to try driving today, I feel like Brad, first time for everything!!! Learn as you go!!

Hope all of you are doing good.

May 4, 2008

Home at Last

finally on the boat Monday around 9:00am, still on the hard and will be for a while. Denise from Adelia came to welcome us, good to see her.  We did buy a cell phone so we can talk with the people that will be working on the boat

YEAH FOR US OUR BAGS JUST ARRIVED!!!! everything looks in tact. Feels like Christmas, some were gifts, thanks!

Jim is foaming at the mouth to get the boat washed lots of dirt, think we will stay in a hotel tonight kinda cool and we have no heat.

We are good  and are anxious to do somethings around here, one thing at a time, wash boat and unpack boxes. FIRST!

Miss all of you, please keep in touch,
Love, Martha

May 2, 2008

Stuck in LA

As you know we missed our flight in LA Quantas was no help so we rented a car and stayed in the Marroitt we stayed in several years ago. Today we will tour around then be on the plane at 8:30 tonight .


May 1 , 2008

The Crew was dropped off at the Orlando Airport….we will get details of the flights after they get settled in.