Barnacle Chronicle #1

The part of Australia we are in (Queensland) looks like South Florida with mountains in the background. Just take out the Key Deer and add in Kangaroos. The weather has been great upper 70’s in the day and 50’s at night. Until Wednesday when we decided to move to another marina 60 miles south to have some work done on the boat. The morning was beautiful, sun was shining and everyone including the weather station, was saying it was to be a great day. That all changed 30 min after leaving the dock at 12:30pm, all hell broke loose, rain and wind with big waves. Well I have always been pretty proud of the fact that I have never been sea sick but all that changed. I had talked with Christy and she said it was Cinco De Mayo back in the states. So we decided to be festive that taco salads would be good on the boat!! So I was doing good in rough weather, the evening came and I made dinner for everyone. Got halfway through my taco salad when I decided maybe tacos were not such a good idea. A couple of hours later I decided that Cinco De Mayo was not as fun coming back up as it was going down and I was down for the count the rest of the night.