Special Blend 43

Day 3

April 17, 2014 New Orleans, LA French Quater RV Park We were 3 blocks from Bourbon Street, right across street from “bone juice”* place! Nice walk thru a old spooky parking lot! Martha * back 10 years ago the Girls went on a cemetary tour. It stated raining…and I mean buckets. We all had on

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Day 4

April 17, 2014 Crossing the Mississippi in Baton Rouge. Headed to Galvaston ,Texas! Everything is going well! I have not had time to take out big cameras. iPhone and ipad photos so far:-)) much love to all M     Galveston, TX Dallanera RV Park We are right on the beach at Dallanera RV Park. We can look

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Day 2

Day 2 Blackwater State Park Holt, FLorida This is where Jim’s cousin, Bob Barlow was a park ranger for years. Beautiful park, with great sites. A bit of a learning curve on how to move around, cook, shower and get dressed, but we’re getting there. We are headed for New Orleans to the French Quater

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Day 1

    Fanning Springs FL When we got to Trenton, Jim remembered when he was little he was here selling watermelons, and took a school bus to some springs with a high diving board. Myrtle also had taken a bus to the same springs and they were able to remember together together. Fun time with

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All is Good

Still in the Queensland bush/outback. Last night we were in Carnarvon Gorge in a wilderness lodge. Kangroos and wallaby’s at the front door. We did about a 3 mile walk into the gorge….the easy one… it was beautiful. This morning we are headed back to Brisbane….but…just got a call. Boat will not be shipped until

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