Barnacle Chronicle #2

July 1, 2009

Barnacle Chronicle #2

You wouldn’t even believe the day I had! It was awesome…the people, the jungle, the ash field, the volcano, the market,and the truck ride that I can’t even describe. Let’s just say that some of the rednecks back home would be jealous of the truck ride we went on today!It was a 2 hour ride to the other side of the mountain to the “City”. I want to go again on Friday just for the experience…Today was for official Customs biz. I will send pictures when we can next week. The cool part is how happy everyone is. The children are happy, the parents are happy…everyone is just happy…and very poor. They live in grass huts, grow food, and hunt for fish everyday. Oh, and drink Kava (at least the men do) and, no kava ceremony for Dad again…yet.

All kidding aside here…We have learned that the volcano is truly looked upon as a God here. If one has sinned, he does not go to the top of the volcano… Mnt. Yasur Volcano will end the life of a sinner if the volcano is displeased. The volcano is active but not as active as it was last year when mom and dad visited before. The locals say that last year the volcano was unhappy about some scientists that were here from Germany and France. right now, the volcano is calm and happy. A local man about 87 yrs old said it must be our visit. Nice thought. I think I have been good and Holly, mom, dad and Brad promised that they have been good, too. So, we are all going up tomorrow night to see the top of the volcano .We have also learned a bit about the Jon Frum Society. Interesting. Those details will have to be another email. Really, life is so simple here for the people. Slow, but Busy. Happy. And, the customs and culture of the village is still very important to maintain. They are trying to maintain the culture and customs but at the same time learning the basic ABCs and 123s at school. They are petitioning the Prime Minister to get funding for more schools, roads (much needed I must say) and Hi throw power…aka Hydro Power from the Prime Minister. That must be difficult to bring in the modern and preserve the past. The chief of the local village passed away about 5 months ago. His sons and the village of Port Resolution will decide on the new chief one year after the Chief’s death. Right now, the brothers, Stanley and Wiery are assisting each other and their other brothers in leading the village. I hope they send me an email next year and let me know who got it.


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