October 3, 2009 – October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009

I’m not sure that we’ll ever get this done before it’s time to leave. The entire

boat has been wiped down in and out. We found out we can only have 1

checked bag each on our Sydney to Hawaii leg. It will cost $250. for each extra bag.

We are not flying Quantas…it’s Jetstar or something like that, operated

by Quantas. Well, so much for ” CHEAP” tickets. Bargains are not always so

great!! So vanilla yogurt, tim tams, wetsuits, magic rocks, shells, ect

will have to stay safe and sound on the boat.

The front bath room is DONE. It has the tape on the seat just like the hotels.

October 29, 2009

We are tied to the dock in Scarborough Marina. HOME!!!! awe feels good 

little sad it’s done, but time to come home. Did a slip down the stairs

again, little bruised and sore, it’ll heal.


October 26, 2009

At the Dock…Safe and Sound!

We arrived about 5:00pm at the Rivergate Marina. Yep, so much for 7 hours to the marina!

It was 12 hours!! The officials were here to check us in within

the hour. I wish someone had been on the sidelines taking pictures as we came

in. “Venture” George and Jane were a few hundred yards behind us. Looked like a

Nordhavn parade. Quarantine was very kind. Let us keep the chicken and lamb

that had the Australian labels on them. Only took fresh stuff and my crotons I

had rooted. I knew those would go.

We are tired and beat up a bit. Last night was one of our most rough times. Did

beat the real bad rain, We have had a terrible thunderstorm just as the

officials left. Went to “Venture” for drinks and stayed for dinner. We will be

here tomorrow then start thinking about getting to Scarborough Marina and

getting “Special Blend” ready to be hauled out next Monday.

October 25, 2009


OK! who flipped the switch on the wave machine? Whoa what a ride.

It’s 5am 38.83nm from Brisbane. We slowed to a crawl last night now we’re only

doing 5.4 kt at 1800rpm. we have about 7 more hours to get into the entrance to

the river, then a few more to Rivergate Marina to check in.

Missed my mid night report, sorry. I was down for the count for a while. we were

having such a great passage the last few days. We expect a little more wind and

waves, but got the currant from one direction and waves from the other. Kinda

like the Gulf Stream at times.

October 24, 2009


It’s mid night again, the kind of night I love being out here. A sliver of the moon,

no clouds, and billions of stars. We are having a “Smoothish” ride and the sound of the waves. I

even watched Pretty Women. Am I in heaven or what!

208NM to Morton Bay, 33hrs51min at 6.2kts. 249* heading. Hope to get there

Monday morn. Supposed to have some bad weather kick up late Monday ev.

We’re trying to eat all the stuff they will take away. Still have a leg of lamb,

a whole chicken and 1 pack of steaks. I think they’ll get most of it. OH WELL!

guess we ate out a few too many times.


October 23, 2009


It’s mid night I’m doing my last hour on watch, wind and seas are down, we’re

having a better ride. cloudy so I’m not seeing all the great stars.

We have 358 nm to Brisbane traveling 6.4kt 251*

October 22, 2009


We arefinally having a good ride. I stayed sick most of yesterday. 522.4mn to go,

6.7kts, heading 245*. It’s12:00 mid night

Priscilla is in Brisbane. We talk with Venture, Scholarship and Rasa Manis twice

a day.

October 21, 2009

We left this morning around 5:45 Special Blend time. “Scholarship” and

“Storyteller” helped us with the lines. It has Not been a very comfortable ride.

EVERYTHING has been dumped on the floor and not much eating going on. It is

supposed to settle down as we go along. I’m ready. We had to make a turn to the

south for awhile to get a better angle on the waves so we probably lost a little

time and headway. Hope to be in Brisbane sometime Monday.

heading 259* at 6.1 kt.

October 19, 2009

Our social calendar has just been jam packed the last few days. It seems like

everyone we know is here in Noumea. Jim has been trying to get the boat waxed,

it has taken him 3 times as long to get it done there is so much visiting going

on. It’s great though. We are also enjoying our new friends. George and Jane Nason

for one. They are our Nordhavn sister ship (Venture N43-15). They are Australian and so

much fun to be with. They have been to most of the same places that we have been to across

the Pacific. It’s great to reminisce. We finally caught up with Tom and Ellen from “Rasa

Manis”. We have not cruised with them since 2007. Lots to catch up on there with them! Tomorrow

we have lunch and dinner engagements. We have to come home to rest.

We are checked out of New Caledonia, fueled up and ready to depart on

Wednesday….. if the weather still looks good and if we’re in the blue. You know

we only like to travel in the blue. NO RED. Noa wave watch III shows a little

greenish in the beginning, then blue as we move on to OZ.

We will let you know for sure tomorrow.

Miss you all so much can’t wait to see you. I cannot believe our 2009 cruising

season is almost over.

October 15, 2009

We are having a good time in New Cal, great birthday, enjoying new people we

met with the ICA rally, and some good, not great, snorkeling.

Tonight we had dinner with George and Jane Nason from Australia they

have N43-15 VENTURE. They are delightful, wish we had been cruising

with then earlier. Such fun! We went to the Le Roof restaurant here in

Noumea, it’s the one out over the water in that little shopping area we

loved. You know the pearl store. We had a table next to a window, flood

lights are all around the outside shinning in the water, we watched

dolphin cashing fish right under us. LOVED IT!

We will be here a few more days looks like maybe a weather window around the 19th…..we’ll see.

October 12, 2009

We pulled anchor around 5:00am this morning for the short passage back to

Noumea. Just a day trip no over night. Not sure if we can can anchor at the marina; there are lots

of boats here now preparing as we are to head to NZ or Australia. We had a great

time in the Isle of Pines, well worth the trip. Hated to leave, but it’s time.

We will be here, don’t know how long, as soon as a weather window is good, we’re


October 9, 2009

I certainly did have a lively start on my birthday, earthquake and tsunami, up

and out quickly, does make your heart skip a beat, but all ended well.

We re-grouped, re-anchored then went for a snorkel. The lagoon has a big rock

island, at low tide can walk out to it on the sand bar and snorkel from there.

There are so many friendly fish and they just all come to say “hey”! Came back to boat

freshened up went to Priscilla for bubbly birthday toast. Tom and Suzie sang to

me, “when your 64” Then couples from “Destiny” and “Morning Light” joined us for

dinner at the French Cafe. DELISH! WHEW turning 64 sure does wear you out. Just

wish all of you had been here.


October 5, 2009

It’s been a beautiful day, we walked to the resort made reservations for my

birthday dinner on Thursday, several boats are joining us. Tonight Michelle and

Paul on “Free Spirit” had us for dinner at their place. Their two kids made

birthday cards for me and had a cake…..I do love birthday week. Holly they all

said hi.

I can’t wait to snorkel this area, it’s a short walk to the other bay with a

very small island/rock just a few yards out and the fish and coral are supposed

to be plentiful, it’s kinda cool so wet suit will be pulled out again. This time

Jim can just sit on the shore and read and keep an eye on me. I have my camera

all charged and the back up ready to go. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of days in.

Tomorrow we are renting a car to see what’s on the rest of the island.

Hope all of you are well, we have wifi (wee-fee as they say here.) and hope we

can scype.


October 4, 2009

we are in the Baie De Kuto, Isle of Pines. anchored about 11:30 am. again

beautiful white sand beaches and can hear the rolling surf. there are about 10

other boats here as well. had a good trip, little rolly at times, we are going

to dink around and visit some of the people we haven’t seen in a while then come

back and nap.

October 3, 2009

for several days we have tried to snorkel the beautiful lagoon in Ouvea. Wind

direction and the depth of the water up to the island has made it impossible to

anchor close enough to the reef. This morning looked promising, we pulled anchor

as we did yesterday to make our way to the outter islands to snorkel, this time

it clouded up and started to rain. So talked to Priscilla and decided to just

head to Isle of Pines. Shame we didn’t get to enjoy the Loyalty Islands more.

Our bus tour was enjoyable, walks on the beach and the people in the rally, but

we’re moving on. We’re about 80 miles from the Isle of Pines will do an over

night should be there about day break. It’s 6:00pm now. heading 155* @ 6.1 k