secure at dock?

We arrived in Noumea around 3:00am. New sign posted said NO dockage without permission, go to anchorage. So that’s what we did. Tried to drop anchor but the chain was tangled from all the jumping up and down. We were able to put the small one out and held secure until we could talk with Port Moselle. We are now waiting for the officials to clear us in, if they are not here in 2 hours we can leave the boat. 9:30a as of now, we have to wait ’til 10:30.

We are good, just a bit beat up from the pounding, took most of the waves right on the nose. Nothing broken on Special Blend. Got a good rain just as we came in the pass so it’s not covered with salt. We’ll work getting the anchor chain straight and retidy everything and hopefully head out in 3 or 4 days. Martha