Seeing Tanna

We made it back from Lenical, Stanley’s sister Merriam went with us. She new everybody along the way and in Lenical. She showed us every school and pointed out all the attractions.

She spoke fairly good English. I took a pillow to sit on, made the ride in the back of the truck bearable.

Merriam was the little lady we gave the fabric and shirt to last year, she laughed so hard when Brad ask where her new shirt. I ask what she made with her fabric, she started telling me her Father has died last year and she had cried and cried so hard cause she had nothing to give to him. She said she gave to him her fabric. I guess it had benn a treasure. I gave her my pillow when we got off the truck.

They have not selected a new chief yet, but Stanley thinks it will be him because of the talk. You know how that goes.

We got Patrick a rake, hoe and big knife, also a 50lb bag of rice. Today we are going to cook for them on the beach and give them the tent and cloths. As soon as we finish on shore we are heading out to Port Vila.

Will update you later.