Sunny Day

The Admiral had a good day. Sun was shinning, snorkeled twice and had a marlin on the line for 30 min. Now tell me does it get much better than that!!!!!

Jim has been fishing every day morning, noon and night. After the 2nd snorkel trip I said “wanna go fishing? I’ll go with you” came back to Special Blend got the rods and trolled the Bay here in Asanvari. We’re talking about how great the day has been, no rain, fairly clear water, the huge bump-head fish I saw, the aggressive moray eel and the fact there were no fish catchable this year.

All of a sudden long skinny needle type fish were jumping out of the water, Jim commented they were not much bigger than our lure. In the next instant my line starts zippin’……then the show began! This fish didn’t like the fact it was hooked. It was doing cartwheels around the Bay. OH MY GOSH! what a show. Then I thought, we’re in the dingy what in the world will we do if this thing heads our way! Jim maneuvered the dink so I could have the best angle on the fish. We had was our small gaff, all that would have done was make him mad. Called Jim and Katie “ASYLUM” to bring the BIG gaff. As quick as that fish got on, it got off, but let me tell you that was one action packed 30 mins. Still no fish for dinner!