mornin’ fom the Admiral?

Admiral’s View #1

We had a wonderful yesterday. The weather has been super. Finally this year we were able to get to the other side (east) of Oyster Island. The coral is big and beautiful, nice fish, not as many as Hideaway. We went out past the little island where we picked up shells last year. The only neg thing was the 6-8 inches of fresh water on the top, had to dive down to see but it was real clear when we did. Holly and I both got a few nice pictures. We did see part of a plane, the prop. It was covered with beautiful coral. This is really a healthy reef.

When we went into Luganville the other day our driver took us by a new “resort” Lope Lope Adventure Lodge. We were blown away by the restaurant, anywhere in the world it would be outstanding. The couple, David and Megan that manage it are from NZ, young about Holly’s age maybe older, are so enthusiastic. Megan has the horse barn, again outstanding. A guy from South Africa funds it. Holly had a good ride thru the jungle then the water. Last night we went to dinner. We really felt like we had been somewhere. “ASYLUM” & “LIZZIE” went also. When we got back to our dingy’s the sky was “Christy’s bowl full of stars”. All of a sudden a meteor, bigger than any I’ve ever seen, went from one side of the sky to the other.

What a great ending to a great day!