Back in Waterfall Bay

Boy did we have a lively ride back. Part of it was a following sea, looking out the back door the rollers were above the overhang on the “back porch” calmed a bit once we rounded the top of the island and as we got on the W side had a decent ride, not flat. Fished for a few minutes and realized it wasn’t that flat. There are 7 boats now in Waterfall Bay, all waiting for the weather to get better in a few days. We are swamped with locals. There is no rice, flour or sugar to be had on this island. The supply ship has not been here in months. Yesterday the plane did delivery 2- 50lb bags of rice. The police inspector said it was for the rich people! Jim ate at the local stand at the festival, they served a small portion of rice.

Holly did the bags that had moving things in them make it to Santo?