anniversary day part 2

Yesterday morning Jim went to the Heritage Place, a beautiful resort hotel , met with Trixie, the manager on duty at the restaurant, we wanted to have a late lunch. She said they quit serving at 2p. Jim explained it was our 43 anniversary and we didn’t want to be out and about going back to boats after dark and could she work something out. She told him she would take care of it. He selected to have soup, salad, a main course and dessert. Trixie spoke with the chef and staff and they agreed to let us come a little before two and have our celebration. “Asylum” and “Lizzie” joined us. We had champagne, a to die for sea food chowder soup, salad and a shrimp main course. We also had the whole wait staff just for us, and Trixie made sure everything was perfect. Out came the dessert a chocolate fudge cake and ice cream, the presentation was spectacular. We all walked away stuffed and smiling, what a day to remember. We can chalk this up as one of our best.

Guadalcanal is a very interesting place, we are in the Bay where the Americans and Japanese both lost 24 Naval ships.