Ringee Cove

08*07′.009S/157*06′.681E, we were here a week or so ago, this is where we met the guys that were our boat guards in Gizo. One of them came by tonight to visit. He brought me a thing for my hair he had carved. Some young girls paddled out with flowers, I have bird of paradise, orchids and a variety of other flowers. Gave them a little soap and some ramen noodles, they were happy. Tomorrow we are headed to Lola for a few days then we hope to check out in Noro on Fri, get fuel and start working our way west to the Loisiades’ Will let you know on that one. We are stilll traveling with Lizzie, once we check out of Solomon’s we will part ways. They will be here for a while.

We’re good, getting the gremlins under control, Jim had to replace the thermostat in the gen. The new one Holly brought was running hot.