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this was on Tom’s daily report, they are crossing into Australia from Port Vila, slowing down as not to get here on a weekend as we did. Customs is free check in but quarrentine charges and doubles on the weekend!

Bright daylight was no protection for the US registered yacht “Special Blend” in Cairns, Australia Saturday. The yacht was boarded by several individuals demanding money.

“We tried to reason with them, ” said Jim Lyle, captain of Special Blend, “but they were adamant.” Even after getting the money, they searched my boat. I think these guys had done this before. Strangely, although my computer and sat phone were in plain sight, the only other thing they took was a bunch of our food.”

” We’re so thankful that no one was injured,” said Jim’s wife Martha. “Also no damage was done to our boat.”


Further investigation has revealed that the boarders were members of the Australian Quarantine Office. One officer( name with held on request) stated” I hope the public realizes what a difficult and dangerous job we have. Confiscating fruits and vegetables, especially with the new genetically modified and exotic stuff, is not child’s play. We think $ 800.00 is a bargain. Another thing is the tea. They always give us tea. Foreigners can’t make it, and several times I almost peed in my pants before getting back to the office.”

The investigation continues…..