Crummy Weather

Since we have been in the Whitsunday Islands we have had one day of weather nice enough to get in the dingy and look around. Yesterday we crossed about 15 miles to Sawmill Bay, in CID Harbor. We have had winds 25 to 30 kt, the seas were 3 to 4 ft on the bow. It was like riding a bucking bronco up on the fly bridge. I could join Nancy Ingram at the rodeo and ride the bulls, I’ve been well trained! Now we are watching it rain. This harbor is used as a safe haven during storms. It looked like New York City here last night, there were probably a 100 boats in the anchorage. Sure different for us as we are accustom to only one or two of your buddies being with us. Saying that we sure are lonesome, most of these 100 are charter boats on a weeks whirlwind vacation, not enjoying the easy lifestyle we love.

Still hope to get out to the reef and explore that wonderful area, but if this wind stays up that just will not happen. If we get a peek of sun I’ll try to hop in the water and get a picture or two.

Miss everyone lots, much love to all,