nothing exciting goin’ on here. Wish you were here to help pack up. Jane Nason “Venture” came yesterday to take all Jim’s ex-tre oil, flares ( we could have had a great fireworks show) booze, etc. We took all of our give-away stuff (flour, sugar, rice soap ect) to the laundry room (the yatty’s trading place) in a few hours it was all gone. It just evaporated, hope some took it that really needed it. We couldn’t find anyone going back to Vanuatu. Wish we had let every bit of it with Patrick and Nelly. Christy do hope you still have our letter, you never sent it to us.

In an hour or so we are to be hauled out to have the bottom cleaned. We have gotten a car….we’re free!!!!! Plan to do a drive about for a day or so then be back here whenever they tell us to load on the transport. After that we are going to travel some more. Depending on the date we’re loaded will determine just how far we can go. Have to be in Brisbane by 9:00am on Saturday the 6th.