yesterday afternoon when we arrived in Tin Can Bay we went to the little Cafe’/Marina where dolphins are supposed to come into the creek. We spoke with one of the ladies in the cafe’, she said that they feed the dolphin at 8am but to be there a little after 7 and we could wade into the water with then. SO we were up and out before 7, by 7:05 I was knee deep with 2 Pacific humpback dolphin. The male came right up to me and did his clicking, they female did the same. I don’t know if they liked the red strap on my camera or the sound it made. it was not a swim but they were just inches from me for an hour before the ferry brought a boat load to feed. I had my time and didn’t want to share, so Jim and I had breakfast while others fed them fish for 2 seconds. Got some nice pictures and had a nice visit.

We left Tin Can after a shower and drove to Bundaberg. Went to the marina in hopes to visit with LIZZIE, they had not arrived yet but did get to see Frank and Barbara – DESTINY. We are spending the night here in Bundaberg, tomorrow will move on somewhere…will let you know.

Will post a couple of pictures on’s easier.