June 30, 2009 – July 5, 2009

July 5, 2009


We arrived in Port Vila around 10:30am anchored in Hideaway Bay just outside the city. By 11:30 we were in the water looking at coral and fish. Good passage last night great day today, tomorrow the wind is supposed to pick up and rain in a few days. Maybe we can get another day in the water before it starts. Priscilla is here have been for a few days.

Lesley, we will let you know in the next day or so when to book your flight to Port Vila. Can’t wait to see you.


Christy and friends

Brad and friends

July 3, 2009

Feeling Special in Port Resolution?

We have been on a high for the past 2 days, yesterday we went to the volcano, my what a show. It was not as active as last year but the first blast rocked us back on our heels and blew our hair up. OH MY! loved it. Did get some good shots.

Yesterday Patrick invited us to a meal in this “area” on the beach at 3:00pm today. We took canned corn and brownies. The women cooked all day. They had planned on a pig, it ran away so we had chicken and EVERYTHING they had in their garden.

It was a real ceremony. They made basket plates lined with banana leaves, put flowers on them, made us lieu’s and each family member including, little Jim, Grandpa, sisters, and all the kids (8 to 10 kids) hugged and greeted us and welcomed us to their island. YES Patrick named his little boy Jim. I don’t know when I have ever felt so special. The smallest child about 2yrs old actually turned the bowl of corn up and licked it. We had just enough brownies for them to all have one. As the sun went down and mosquitoes came out we can back to the boat smiling and overwhelmed. Brad and Christy headed over the mountain in the back of the pickup truck again this time to a John From meeting. I’m sure there will be great stories tomorrow.

We are headed out in the AM with a stop at a very small day anchorage Aniwa to do some snorkeling the on to Port Vila doing an overnight.

Miss everyone much,


Patrick, “Little Jim”, and Captain Jim at the Ceremony of Friendship

July 3, 2009

Hey there doodle Dane! How are you? This is Crazy Aunt Christy! I was thinking about you yesterday and want to tell you why. The children here live in small “huts” made out of palm tree leaves. Maybe your mom can show you some on the internet. The children live with their family in the huts and most go to school. Their toys are what they find in nature. Like sticks, dirt, chickens, you know stuff like that. They have no candy. The people eat what they can grow in a garden or catch in the ocean. The dad’s fish all day for lunch and dinner. I brought a beach ball to share with a village of children. We had so much fun playing with it…the kids were thrilled. Maybe you and your mom could go buy some cheap ones and pack them in your bag to give away? Maybe a few matchbox cars to share? The children would be soo happy. They really don’t have anything here BUT they are HAPPY! You will have fun sharing with them! If you cant buy anything to bring, that is ok. we have some stuff to give away here on the boat. Most of it is for girls, not too many little squish balls or boy stuff.

July 3, 2009

This afternoon we are going to a pig roast on the beach with Patrick and his family ( and village?) We are taking corn and brownies. It should be fun, we have been visiting with the locals all day. There is a Jon Frum Society here and they are having a Jon Frum Ceremony tonight near the volcano and they welcome visitors. Brad and I are going to attend. Maybe like the Baptist ” Dinner on the Grounds Day”? This isn’t supposed to be a tourist thing. It should be the real thing with fire, dancing and chanting. Hope we aren’t the “main dish” ha ha ha! I also hope the preacher isn’t long winded, I’m tired.

We will leave Tanna tomorrow and go about 18 miles to a day anchorage and dive for the day. The books say the coral is spectacular! We will leave there tomorrow night and head to Port Villa. Lesley, get your bags ready.


June 30, 2009

We made it to Tana today at about 3:00 pm

our time. The trip here was good, exciting to tell our fishing story

to people who will listen. The other cool story is when we were

putting the anchor out, we heard “Mr. Jim, its me, Patrick!”

and here he came with his little canoe…he had been fishing. He

docked up to our boat and gave mom and dad a hug…very cool.


We are safe and sound in Port Resolution, Tana, Vanuatu. Patrick was there to

meet us gave paddling as fast as he could. Gave me goose bumps, he was so

happy to see us. Hugs all around. Tomorrow Jim, Christy, and Brad are

going to do the dreaded ride to customs. Holly and I will man the

ship. Hope they get back in one piece as we are going to the volcano

leaving around 4pm. There are several other boats here also, all sail

as usual. Priscilla headed on to Port Vila, we will meet them in a

few days.


Patrick on his way to greet the Special Blend