July 11, 2009 – July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

We left Dixon Reef this am about 8:45, Priscilla left an hour earlier. We are going to an anchorage about 30 miles up the way and start working our way to Santo. Still a bit windy. We had a couple of good days snorkeling and visiting the village. The reef is just beautiful there, tons of fish. Dane did wear out the fish and coral off the back of the boat. One day we had 5 reef fish we took to the locals. We left some of our material and goodies but never saw the lady I waanted to give the skirt to…….maybe next time 🙂

Will let you know where we are tonight and for the next few days as soon as we know.

July 23, 2009

Dixon Reefs 16*21′.311S/167*23′.083E

we arrived here a little before 9 this morning, Tom and Suzie were here to meet us. Jim,Lesley and Dane hve gone to the village to meet the chief and ask if we can stay and snorkel his beautiful place. Last night was a bit sporty but no lasting effects.

Hope all of you there are good having a good summer. Miss you much.



July 22, 2009

We left our mooring at Port Vila this morning, spent a couple of hours snorkeling at Hideaway Bay, it was windy and raining off an on, but beautiful. now headed to Dixon Reef in Malakula. 17*24′.314S/167*54′.981E about 60 miles to go heading 330*. It’s 7:25pm our time.

We’re having a bumpy ride, Lesley and Dane aren’t feeling great, but are managing OK. Priscilla is already there, we’ll see what the anchorage is like and the weather and decide where to go next. Weather has not been good, supposed to get better.

July 19, 2009

We arrived in Port Vila around 1:00pm, then straight to the Waterfront Cafe for tacos and shower room.

Jim has a taxi coming for Brad about 6:45am, we’ll see him off then head to Nambawan Cafe for coffee, maybe we can scype you.

I sure am going to miss Brad, we have enjoyed him so much. He’s fun!


July 18, 2009

I think we have decided to head back to Port Vila and see Brad off. a definate..maybe. maybe be stuck here for several days, weather stuff. Priscilla has headed on we will catch them later.

Will let you know just what we decide on all of this. If we we get back to Vila we’ll have wifi.


July 18, 2009

The boys are exploring in the kayak right now. We are going to sit here until the am and then head back to Vila. The weather is going to turn not so nice. I really don’t care where we are I am enjoying what ever we do. Yesterday I went to walk the beach and I turned around and Mom, Holly, Dane, and Brad were all in the boat on the shore. I walked back and the prop had fallen off. So we all went snorkeling right off the beach. I thought it was great. Mom and Holly were dissipointed. Dane has become the snorkeling Master. He has been in the water 3 times and he thinks he know it all. I wanted to get a big clam shell. Well, Dane found one about 15 inches long. So we had a great day. Well Brad did have tp row us back in. We laughed all the way to the boat.


July 17, 2009


Yesterday Brad, Holly Dane and I snorkeled an area that was not real pretty coral, but had lot of sea life. Lion fish, spadefish, world war II stuff. Dane was so excited, he is doing very well under water.

Today we moved anchorages will stay here for the day then back to somewhere better protection. On the way we saw a pod of whales, Jim saw the first one about 50ft from the boat. Never got that close again, but had a nice show.

We are all good, sad Brad is leaving, but I know everyone is ready for him to come home.


We have Lesley and Dane, their plane was a little late, but we are now at the Waterfront Cafe for TACOS!!!!! Lesley is taking shower, leaving in the AM for Havanna Pass. Probably no internet for a while. ocens for now.


July 13, 2009

it is 8:15am our time, beautiful morning no wind and the sun is shinning. Guess Lesley and Dane are in Auckland by now. Holly and Brad are going muddin’ today will be back about the time they arrive.

July 11, 2009

Crew Change! Christy is home in Florida sleeping and Lesley and Dane are flying high. They will arrive in Port Vila on Tuesday afternoon. The crew has been busy doing Wax on Wax off. Lesley and Dane will begin Barnicle Scraping Duties on Wednesday.