Barnacle Chronicle #6

July 29, 2009

Barnacle Chronicle #6

Tonight we went to the Aore Resort’s Independence celebration. Tomorrow is Vanuatu’s Independence Day. So tonight the restaurant was having a buffet, music, and custom dancing. Well we all had warned Dane that they might not be wearing many clothes. We were not sure if they came from a Big Namba or Small Numba tribe. So we were holding our breath that it was a Big Numba tribe. We were arrived at the resort we were offered Kava. Dad had a shell. Then Holly and I had a shell. Then mom said what the Hell I’ll have one to. They had a custom band playing….they play one, maybe two tunes, but have different words….we think one tune was the “Skip to Myluo” song. Then Holly and I decided we needed another shell of Kava. The first one made my lips numb, but the second one made me relaxed. Maybe I should pick up more Kava before I leave. Dinner was great. They made local food and we all ate too much. Then the lights went out and from the sides of the restaurant noises started. They sounded like bird calls. The guys thank god were wearing Big Numbas. They had super cool costumes, with leaves, hats made out of coco nuts, each guy carried a different native weapon made from wood, and they had some kind of wooden bells around their legs. It made a great show. We have some great pics of the night. Tomorrow we are going to town to see what they do for Independence Day.

Dane and I are on the count down of days til we have to go home. We are having a great time. Dane has become the snorkel expert. We will snorkel tomorrow morning around the resort. The water was so clear that we could see the reef from the boat. We could even see what fish were there.

Hope everything is good at home,