July 28,2009 – August 4,2009

August 4, 2009

We came back to Luganville to check out, all is OK with David and we got the money back. Tomorrow am we are going to the fuel dock, fill up and head North. Hopefully weather will hold for us. Today has been a nice day, but no time to really enjoy it…….tomorrow. We sat by the pool and had drinks with Tom and Suzie this afternoon. Probably the last luxury place for long time.

Got a note from Lesley, she is really sick, hope she can keep going with no fever.

TankU tomass for all you do, (this is how the locals talk and spell “Thank you so much for all you do”)



August 3, 2009

Lesley and Dane are on their way to Australia. David is here safe and sound, but immigration didn’t like the fact he didn’t have a ticket out of here. SO we got him a ticket, paid cash. Tomorrow we are checking out of Vanuatu, then David is going back to the airport and they will give him the cash back. Every one was really nice, apologized for the inconvenience, BUT would not let Jim sweet talk them. they said the letter should have also been sent to the government. It all good and we’ll give you an update tomorrow.

Much love to all,


August 1, 2009

“Hey” from Oyster Island 15*22’452S/167*11′.411E

Lesley and Dane are on their last full day tomorrow, Dane is trying to figure out how he can hide and stay longer, we have enjoyed them so much. Lesley and Dane both have enjoyed snorkeling. Past few days have not been great weather, but we got in the water yesterday anyway. Did see some small patch reefs and some great fish.


July 30, 2009

We are still at the Aore Resort mooring. July 31st. Weather still not good, overcast, wind and rain. Yesterday we went to the Independance Celebration in Luganville. We saw the flag raising, and custom dance. Well covered young men. Walked around the square, lot of food, none we ate.

Jim, Tom and Suzie have taken the dink back to Luganville to do the customs, immigration thing and extend our cruising permit. Tomorrow we should head to Oyster Bay (Petterson Island) Will see Lesley and Dane off on the 3rd, David arrives about an hour and a half before. Weather permitting we’ll try to head somewhere else. NOT SURE WHERE?!!


July 28, 2009

15*34′.376s/167*12′.216E Aisari Bay, Aore Island

We arrived here about 1:00pm took dingy into shore got permission to anchor and snorkel. We walked the beach, beautiful white sand and some of the biggest trees I have ever seen, not sure just what they were. The tip of the island was layers and layers of broken coral and shells held together with a little bit of sand. Islands all around and all the shades of blue and green. i think we might be in Paradise. We might stay here thru tomorrow, not sure.


July 28, 2009

We are heading to Santo, spent last night in Malua Bay, Malakula 15*59.5S/167*10.5E , It was a rock and roll time. The locals came to the boat to greet us and bring us their wonderful veggies. Kevin and Vivian arrived first and got most of our best goodies. More later on this.

We will anchor at Aisari Bay, Aore Island tonight hope to do somemore snorkeling. Maybe the wind will be better there. Will let you know when we get to Luganville and where we will meet David. My be a day or so (or 3).