August 18, 2009 – September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009

Pentecost Island

We are in Bwantnapne Bay 15* 39′.782S/168*07′.075E, we dropped anchor and went to

shore. There to greet us, was Allen Burle’s grandaughter with our boat card in

hand from last year. She was just a smilin’ looking at the card and then us.

Chief Allen was so thrilled to see Jim he just hugged and hugged. There wasn’t

time today for him to fix us a meal today so we will go in for breakfast in the

morning. He was so excited about the school supplies, shake flash light and

material for his wife and other goodies for the kids. She had been in the

garden, when she saw us she was as thrilled as Allen. He said we needed to stay

a week for him to thank us for all of the things we brought. One meal wasn’t


September 3, 2009

Asanvari, Maewo Island

Finally got back this way, Jim and Tom are fishing in the dink had a couple of

strikes (billfish), they came back to boat to refuel and get more lures. We may

have ‘the old man and the sea” here. Yesterday Holly Suzie and I snorkeled the

crevice/cave. Just as awesome as last year, the little clown fish were so happy

to see me!!! After our swim there Holly and I went to the waterfall to get the

salt off, sat in the stream, didn’t get to the fall pool. Wish you were here.

Sept 2, 2009


We left Surundu Bay this morning, rough beginning but as the day wore on it was a picture perfect cruise, arrived about 3:30pm Lolowai Bay, Ambae Island, Vanuatu the bay is a drowned volcano crater with the North edge washed away, several lava caves, none we are going into. Tomorrow we are headed to Asanvari,, Maweo. I wish pictures could do this anchorage justice, but just cannot get the massive feel.


August 30, 2009


Well our internet was short lived, Jim craving fresh veggies and out of beer we needed to get into Luganville to the market and store. Not wanting to pay $60.00 round trip for taxi we decided to move to Surundu Bay which is closer to town. Priscilla was also on the same mission. As we were coming into this breath taking bay we heard 5th Season (Gail and David) calling Priscilla. We had not seen them since we left New Zealand last year. On our way to town we stopped to say hello and they invited us over for drinks when we returned. Gail had made brownies the frosting topping was Nutella sooooo good, David had made beer we had to try, then Gail brought out her harp and began to sing for us OH MY! what a treat. The moon is almost full, sky clear as a bell full of stars, light breeze and good friends. Now just how much better does it get? Another special evening in paradise. Holly said I had told her Gail played the harp, but I had not said she could sing, we were all in a trance.


August 29, 2009

Hello from the Tiki Hut

we are in Oyster Bay, beautiful day. Jim and I walked for a couples of miles. It is really hot and sunny today. We will stay here for a couple of days then head on maybe to Malakula. Will send some pictures later forgot to resize them and suprise, Jim’ ready to head back to boat, he’s hungry.

Hope all of you are good, miss you much,


August 26, 2009

Wed night here, we are still in Port Orly had a great day to snorkel, good pictures, but am having camera issues. My new underwater camera I am sending home with David, batteries will not charge, that one is not even 6 months old. Two of the old batteries now will not charge so I am down to 1 battery and the old camera.Today I got some of my best pix yet. This little reef area is just incredible. So much color and tons of fish, I’ve even named a couple…we call

each other by our first names. 🙂

Tomorrow very early we will head for Santo, David leaves mid afternoon on Friday, we sure are going to miss him. I’m not sure how a month went so fast. He will have some pictures for you to post on the web site, think I will send CD’s.


August 24, 2009

we got back to Port Orly (15*02′.088S/167*05′.054E) yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm at 5 we met the other boaters on the beach for sundown drinks. this AM jim and I went for snorkel/swim and David joined Tom and Suzie on the steep moutain climb. Holly wasn’t feeling well so she did a boat day. We had sundown again today on the beach, a fire and all. We will stay here a couple of days then go back to Oyster Bay and see David off on the 28th. He’ll have three nights in Sydney before he heads back to the USA. Today was one of those great sunny days with a cool breeze, David got all the green slime scraped off the water line on Special Blend, he stretched out on the dingy while Jim held the rope to keep it close to the boat. Worked great nobody had to get in the water.

OH! today we got my computer out of the backpack so David could carry it up the moutain with him, I decided one more time to turn it on TA-DA it came on, BUT now my new underwater camera will not charge, guess you just can’t have it all. At least not all at once.

Miss you all so much, Brad and Dane have a good first day of school. (Dane starts 4th grade and Brad is a Senior in HighSchool)

August 23, 2009

we are back on the island of Gaua (Santa Maria) Pwetevut Bay (Lakoma Bay) 14*18′.777S/167*25′.821E this is where the people were so nice, but as we have had for days on end, rolly anchorage and lot of wind. We are going into shore later, the ladies here do water music. It is the most amazing thing, they make sounds in the water with their hands, we saw the video from another boat that

went the other day.

David will be leaving on the 28th from Santo so we are working our way back down there, I think the weather is supposed to give us a break tomorrow maybe we can get to a place to do some more snorkeling. We have been boat bound for a couple of days.

August 21, 2009

Last night we were in Waterfall Bay, this morning we went fishing no luck and now we are in another bay on the island of Gaua. Again very rock and roll, black sand, lush trees all the way to the water, and not good snorkel area. Yesterday we were at Reef Island, Holly and David got 3 big lobster, and I looked at lot of great fish. Did discover black tip sharks can swim in about a foot of water over a reef. Glad I didn’t meet him face to face up on top.

August 20, 2009

We are in Water Fall Bay tonight and we don’t if we are staying a few days here or going to head further south tomorrow.


August 19, 2009

We had a nice anniversary, walked in the village in Sola, ate lunch at the Yacht Club (chicken and rice, mine had 2 small pieces of chicken. the part that went over the fence last, and chicken fat) Bought beer ($3.50 each) and fresh bread. Went back to Special Blend, did the rock and roll and watched the wind machine. Holly and David cooked dinner and cleaned up, Tom and Suzie brought over a bottle of bubbly, then Holly made ice cream in our rolly ball for the chocolate cake.

We had a pow-wow with Tom and Suzie made the decision NOT to go to the Solomons, time running short and weather not being very kind. As of this very minute we are headed back to the Reef Islands to do some snorkeling, see which way the wind is blowing, then decide where to go next. Plans are in the next few days to start working our way back down the Vanuatu chain maybe seeing some of the islands we had to by-pass because of the weather. Now mind you all this could change in the next ten minutes, but this is it for the moment.

August 18, 2009 Happy Anniversary Jim and Martha!

On our side of the world today is August 18, mine and Jim’s 42nd anniversary. Where did the years go and how did I get this old. Certainly not doing much to celebrate, maybe a drink under a coconut tree, but HEY! we are in the South Pacific on a cruise. DUH!

Still sitting in Sola wind spinning us in circles. Jim in over on Priscilla plotting our next move ??????????????

Hope all is well with you in USA.

Miss you much