We are in Home Bay, Pentecost,Vanuatu. Arrived yesterday afternoon. This morning we loaded in the dingy at 9am, picked up Jim and Katie (ASYLUM) and went to shore to see the land diving. We were informed they were not doing it here in this village so we had to walk with our guide, Luke to another village 1 1/2K (30 min) away. They said we needed to take the short cut and hurry. Off we go, not so bad we were on the “road”, after crossing the creek we made a turn up a cow path. Nice walk past some cute little houses. Then we hit the mud, cow and pig S#*t, flies and mosquitoes. Just my kind of thing! One hour and a half later we were informed “no not this area, back over that way” Seemed to be some confussion about where it was to be held.

Land diving is really something to see. They build a wooden structure out of bamboo and vines, 6 men (one boy 12), dressed in penis wraps, one at a time climb up, have vines tied to their ankles then leap off a platform. The ground below them is raked and “fluffed” so when they hit it’s not too hard.

The walk back to the boats was much easier and less muddy and seemed shorter than the short cut.

The anchorage here is very rolly and has been very windy. Tomorrow we are heading on up the island if the weather permits. We were told when we ask about our friend Allen Burle’ (Allen is in another bay, we met him 2 years ago) that he had passed away a few months ago. We are so sad to here this, but hope to visit with his family and give them the things we have brought for them.

Going to bed, I’m sure we’ll rest good.