Gaua(Santa Maria)

14*18′.786S/167*25′.656E arrived here about 5:00p, the only thing to meet us was a lonely dog. OOPS forgot the big pod of dolphin about 2 miles out, they are always a welcome sight. This Island has been evcuated do to the Volcano being so active. This was the village we enjoyed so much last year. Such lovely people, the Water Music Ladies, and the blackest sand I have ever seen. We are not getting off the boat, going to sleep for a while and leave about mid-night and head to Waterfall Bay.

Last night we were in Port Olry, I had been looking forward to getting back there to take pictures of the fish around the tiny island in the middle of the Bay. We anchored, swam to the island enjoyed for about a hour or so. Did get some nice pictures, but to my standards we didn’t stay near long enough or take enough pictures. We need to move on, weather will close in on us in a week or so and Holly only has 10 days left. My heart is already said thinking about her leaving

Santa Maria is a very rolly anchorage, we have the “flopper-stopper” out and are still rolling. We may make it till mid-night.

Miss everyone much, hope all are well,

Much love,