nother beautiful mornin’

It’s calm not a ripple on the water, cool and the sun is shinning. 6:45a.

Jim is headed into Luganville with ASYLUM’s and LIZZIE’s. Holly and I are going to stay around here. Generator seems to be working fine. Having some issues with the auto pilots, sure not heading out with out those working right and a back up. Everyone in this anchorage is having issues with something. Gremlins, I guess! We may go to another anchorage, Port Orly, Aore, it’s eaiser to get parts delivered here that up in the Banks.

Yesterday afternoon Holly and I decided to go up the river to the blue hole. Jim didn’t want to go so we rounded up Katie and Betty and had a girls trip. The first part of the river was murky but as we went on it cleared, got to the hole and it was crystal clear. This is my 3rd time and have never before seen it this way. Went for a swim, COLD!!