Tues Aug 3

We had a very busy day in the neighborhood. This morning we set out in the dingy to explore the area. There are several islands and bays around. we crossed the bay where we came in and went to a very small island North of us. As we got close we could see a lagoon and a path thru the coral to get to it. Jim and Katie “ASYLUM” and I snorkeled, Jim went out in the bay to fish. It was beautiful! Lot of fish, great coral formations and coral gardens to look at. As we headed back to our anchorage (our neighborhood) MV LIZZIE Rod and Betty were on the horizon. We called them on the radio to welcome and guide them in.

We decided we were not done exploring so we rounded the tip of the island to the east and went to another bay and snorkeled there. Again just breathtaking. Jim got back in the dink, as usual, before I did. Just as I was coming out of the water a local boat approached, we could tell there were 4 guys and something big with them. They came right up to us, as I reached over to catch the side of their boat something furry with eyes looked at me. They had pieces and parts of a cow with them. They were on their way to another village and ask if we had any extra gas they could have. Of course Jim shared what we had. I held the water bottle funnel knowing all along the cow was starring at me. They ask if we would like some of the beef……we told them thank you but we didn’t need any at the moment. Katie took pictures of us with the locals and their cow. I must say my face doesn’t look real happy.

Tonight we had dinner on Lizzie, thank goodness it was lobster!!!!!

We are staying here until Thursday, then heading N again. Weather is looking good. Maybe another snorkel tomorrow.