capt log #7 2010

Solomon Chicken Caper

For the first time in 4 weeks Special Blend was not rocking and rolling. Port Mary, Solomon Islands was like heaven. The people were very friendly, beautiful bay, white beaches, palm trees, and best organized village we have seen, anywhere.

The first night of our arrival, after a 300 mile 48 hour rough passage, we all slept like babies. Did I mention no “roll”. Jim and Katie on “Asylum and Martha and I were unaware of the saga being played out on “Lizzie”. It seems that afternoon Betty had put a chicken on the back deck to thaw. That evening she went out to get the chicken, it wasn’t were she left it. Betty called Rod and asked what he did with the chicken? “What chicken”? Says Rod. Evidently the conversation slid downhill from there, but Betty’s chicken was gone.

The next morning a local Minister showed up with a young boy in tow. As the chicken caper unfolded it seems as the boy went on Lizzie’s rear deck and stole the chicken. Now Rod is a Kiwi that is a fishing fanatic. On the rear deck of Lizzie, a 63 foot trawler, is enough fishing tackle, rods, reels, knives, gaffs ect, ect, to stock a large Bass Pro store. This kid took a chicken. Took the chicken home and started cooking it. Now you would not have to be a chicken expert to be able to tell at a glance this Kiwi chicken was no 40 MPH Solomon chicken, so he got busted. The local Minister was brought in and fined him for stealing the chicken, and then took him to Lizzie so he could apologize and pay for the chicken.

It’s strange because the kid wasn’t doing without groceries, and if he was a real thief there was plenty of expensive stuff to steal. I guess he just liked chicken a lot.

Rod and Betty ask the minister to keep the money for the church and we all learned not to lay our chickens just anywhere.

capt jim