It’s HOT here

I have NEVER been so hot. We cannot run the air com enough to suite me.

Yesterday when we went into town Jim and I went to a little cafe for lunch, had THE best salad, well let me tell you I started doing the quick step to the bathroom about 4am. WHEW!!!! I’m tired! 10am now and I feel better. Jim went in to town with Lizzie’s, they are coming back after me in a short.

Tomorrow is our 43 anniversary, we’re going to have a lunch time celebration with Asylum and Lizzie. We lock up tight at sundown. During the day we have had Pamela’s security guys on board Lizzie keeping an eye on all 3 boats. We’re on one side and Asylum on the other. Should be out of here in a day or so, on to beautiful water again. It is really nasty in this bay.