hot, Hot, HOT

I have Never been so hot and it is winter here. I cannot imagine what summer is like. We are putting more hours on the generator than the main engine, even Jim is hot, and thats good for me.

The Solomon Islands are know for their great wood carvers, they use the nautilus shells to do inlay work. The work is beautiful, of course some are better than others. These people don’t have much and the boats are not coming to this area because of the unrest a few years ago. …..better now! We are being bombarded at every anchorage……..yes!…..all of you have a little token of the Solomon’s. Yesterday starting at 8:30am we went to one of the villages in Marovo Lagoon to look at the carvers works. It got too much at the boats when they started cutting each others work. The minute we got back to Special Blend there were guys from another area being pushy. we cranked the engine, pulled anchor and left. Puttered about 8 miles to Matiu Bay, one other boat here “Miami”, Holly we met then last year. They said they had not been bothered at all and they had been here for 10 days. Within an hour we had 6 panga’s filled with carvers, did buy one incredible inlayed bowl. Finally Jim told them to leave and we would come to their village in 3 days. Then they said we had to pay them for using their Bay. Again Jim said we would pay when we got to the village, and only to one person, the chief. The men all thought this was great fun, us women didn’t like it so much. I think I’m ready to move on. Don’t take this wrong it is lovely here, my space was being invaded yesterday, just venting. ALL IS GOOD! and I sure have some pretty things!!!!

Got into the water for a few minutes yesterday, saw the little clown fish first thing. Water was too murky for good pix, maybe today will be better. Jim’s off fishing, not a great fishing year so far, I think the water is too hot.