yesterday – lucky day???

We moved to a different anchorage yesterday, just a few hours away.Dropped anchor, got everything in order and went for a snorkel. Water was murky at first then we went to the outer reef, very clear and VERY deep drop off. I was too chicken to do the drop off area. We had seen shark fins and some kind of really big fish breaking the water just a few yards off the reef. I opted to paddle in the shallower reef area. Did see one small black tip shark, some kind of gray shark and a big black tip. Made my way to Lizzie’s dingy because Jim and ours was too far away. I’m OK with a shark but 3 I didn’t like. Jim was doing his usual hunt and scavenger. He has been taken a camera with him lately…and getting some nice shots. No lobster to be found and no grouper tp spear.

We were cooled off and headed back to Special Blend. As we got to the stern Jim reached for the keys in the dingy seat pocket…not there!….reached in his pocket….not there! OH NO! Boat is locked up tight. Now what ?We had a set of keys hanging over the freezer. The small port over the stove was open, so now what did we have long enough to reach 13 ft….Nothing! OK.. we should break the window over the freezer (another little port). Jim was doing something while I looked for something to break the window. He was able to reach his arm into the port over the stove to the sliding window over the sink counter. Pulled one side of the window lock with his hand and got it to stay in the unlock position, the we got the small gaff to pull the other, were able to ease down the window. Now who can fit through and climb on the counter to the sink the to the floor. I’m not as small as I used to be but I did fit thru the window. Just a few bruises!!

New rule- Jim is Not to snorkel with keys or money in his pocket, during a snorkel in Tavanipupu Lagoon he lost about eight hundred dollars, Solomon and American.

Nother new rule- key hidden somewhere on the outside.

ALL is well that ends well!!